Dr.Shubha Madhusudhan

Dr.Shubha MadhusudhanPh.D

Clinical Psychology

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Professional Summary

Dr. Shubha Madhusudhan, Consultant Clinical Physocologist, comes with over two decades of experience in providing clinical services in health and social care. She is an excellent speaker and seasoned corporate trainer.

With a unique blend of empathy and therapeutic approach, she unravels the patiens complex pyschological disorders, to bring back patients from total desperation to normal life. Her work in this field is recognized tobe truly life transforming.

Her speciality is to integrate mind and body approach while treating patients with medically unexplained symptoms. Unresolved emotional conflicts, unfulfilled desire and personality structure have been the contributing cause for the long suffered medical symptoms. Treating such patients has been her core competence.


  • Ph.D in psychology from Bangalore University
  • Fellowship in cardiac Rehabilitation from Apollo Hospitals, Hyderabad
  • Trained in Neuro Psychiatry Assessment
  • Green Belt in Six Sigma, quality tool for organizations
  • Expertise in Psychometry

Professional Membership

  • Clinical Psychology – Providing Psychotherapy and support to patients suffering from Schizophrenia, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Depression and Anxiety disorders.
  • Health Psychology – Treating patients with panic attack, Unstable angina and Pre and post-operative counselling and assessment to cardiac surgery patients (CABG, AVR and MVR) and Bariatric surgery patients.
  • Social Psychology – Providing pre-marital counselling and post marital guidance
  • Critical Care – Building hope in individuals with suicidal tendency and Grief Counselling  Child Psychology – Attitudes of parents in child mental health issues.
  • Adolescent Counselling: Stress release and enabling realistic goals setting.
  • Educational Psychology – Providing expert advice in educational settings as schools, colleges and universities as per the need of the institutions.
  • Geriatric Care – Enabling the elderly with Rational Emotive Therapy and Family Therapy
  • Sexual Harassment – Providing emotional support and psycho-therapeutic care to such individuals
  • De-addiction and Relapse Prevention
  • General Life Issues – Building Resiliency and Hardiness
  • Exclusive program for women: “ Women’s body and Women’s wisdom”
  • Psychometric