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Motherhood brings to you a comprehensive package of antenatal classes. Preparing yourself for delivery is as important as the delivery itself. Motherhood’s Just Me antenatal classes aim to make you fitter and stronger, all to make your pregnancy as comfortable and worry-free as possible.

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1. Partners are encouraged to attend the sessions
2. Exercise sessions are only for the expecting mother
3. Couples can enroll for the sessions any time after anomaly scan i.e.between 19 – 36 weeks
4. Lamaze classes may be initiated only at 34-35 weeks (Prior appointment required)
5. Each session is for 45 minutes -1 hour
6. Timings of classes will be sent to you via e-mail
7. Max class size is 15 couples, spillover leads to second batch in same month
8. There will be 15 minutes break between the session and refreshments will be served

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