Antenatal Care

The exceptional health care that you receive at Motherhood throughout the course of your pregnancy by our team of qualified doctors & nurses to take care of you and your baby.

Wondering Why You Need Prenatal Care?

The answer is simple, to keep you & your baby healthy.

You have a life growing inside you and along with that precious little life your body is going through a lot of change & you need to ensure you stay healthy to cope up with the changes.

During Prenatal care the doctor will make sure you and your baby are healthy and strong. These regular checkups are your chance to learn how to manage the discomforts of pregnancy, have any testing you may need, learn warning signs, and ask any questions you may have. Doctors can spot health problems early when they see mothers regularly. This allows doctors to treat them early. Early treatment can cure many problems and prevent others. Doctors also can talk to pregnant women about things they can do to give their unborn babies a healthy start to life.

In case of planned pregnancies,the best advice would be to start taking care of yourselves before you start getting pregnant. This is called Pre-conception counselling. It means knowing how health conditions and risk factors could affect you or your unborn baby if you become pregnant. For example, some foods, habits, and medicines can harm your baby — even before he or she is conceived.

Talk to your doctor before pregnancy to learn what you can do to prepare your body.

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