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On April 23, 2014

Signs Of Pregnancy

       It’s been 7 days past your due date and now you are keen to know if you are pregnant. Missed periods are one of the surest signs of pregnancy. However, you cannot conclude the same without viable symptoms and tests. Home Pregnancy Test Home pregnancy tests after missed periods are very reliable. And if […]

On April 18, 2014

Top 10 Vegetarian Superfoods For Pregnant Women

They say pregnancy is the most beautiful feeling any woman can ever experience. Throughout the three trimesters, your body floods out various hormones to adjust to bearing and nurturing a new life within. Hence, your diet makes a remarkable impact on your health. Vegetarians need to take efforts persistently to include the below mentioned superfoods […]

On April 14, 2014

How Do Vaccinations Work

A newborn is immune to some infections because it receives antibodies from its mother; this is called “passive immunity“. Passive immunity lasts for a few weeks or months. Ironically, that immunity begins to fade away in the first few months of life. So, it’s very important to follow an immunization schedule. What is vaccination?           […]

On April 6, 2014

Tips To Tackle Gestational Diabetes

Gestational diabetes involves poor maternal regulation of blood sugar and can cause potential health problems for both the mother and the baby. Prevention is better than cure. Treatment involves making healthy choices. Women who adapt to changes in food habits and exercise regimen can keep their blood sugar level in check. It is said that around […]

On January 22, 2014

Importance of Antenatal Visits

 Antenatal or prenatal care refers to the care that a woman receives during pregnancy. This includes healthcare services to the would-be mother as well as the unborn baby. Also, other health concerns regarding pregnancy are addressed during antenatal visits. Most women do not realise the importance of consulting a gynaecologist right from the beginning of […]

On January 15, 2014

Importance of Folic Acid during the First Trimester

Every woman naturally pays special attention to her diet and lifestyle as soon as she discovers she is pregnant.  While it’s important to eat healthy during pregnancy, it is particularly important to eat foods that provide all the necessary nutrients necessary to ensure normal development of the baby and the mother’s good health. Folic acid is […]

On January 3, 2014

Preparing for Motherhood

Pregnancy comes as a surprise to some women. For others, it is a result of much planning and waiting. If you and your spouse are ready for the pattering of little feet around your house, here’s what you should know before trying to conceive. Stop the pill If you have been using contraceptives in the form […]

On December 13, 2013

Reasons to immunize your child

Many parents come up with excuses for delaying their child’s immunization (vaccination)or skipping it entirely. Some parents feel their babies are too young and delicate to receive strong vaccinations, some find it extremely difficult to see their child go through the procedure. Difficult as it may seem, if you are a parent it is important that […]

On December 9, 2013


Making motherhood a blissful experience, Motherhood Indiranagar Women require unique and specialised health care in every stage of life; some for themselves and some for their children. With a view to providing women in Bangalore a healthcare facility close to home, Motherhood , Bangalore inaugurated the new wing of their Indiranagar facility on 14th November 2013. The facility known […]