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On March 20, 2017

Contraception : The Voluntary Prevention Of Pregnancy

Considerations when Choosing a Contraceptive Method Safety Protection from sexually transmissible diseases Effectiveness Acceptability Convenience Education needed Side Effects Benefits Interference with spontaneity Availability Expense Preference Methods of Contraception Temporary Behavioral Hormonal Barrier – Spermicides Long-Term / Permanent Types of Contraception Barrier contraceptives Hormonal contraceptives Sterilization Note: No single method of birth control is the […]

On February 13, 2017

Breast Milk – The Elixir of Life

“BREAST FEEDING IS A MOTHER’S GIFT TO HERSELF, HER BABY AND THE EARTH”-Pamela K Wiggins Of every 1000 children born in India, 39 infants do not live to see their first birthday. Almost fifty percent of infant deaths in India are due to respiratory infections and diarrhoea. Breast feeding alone can reduce the infant deaths […]

On December 15, 2016

Antenatal Ultrasound Scan

( KNOWING AND BONDING WITH YOUR BABY AT EVERY STAGE) Ultrasound scan use sound waves to image your baby. The scans are completely painless and have no known side effects. For most of the expectant mothers its very exciting to see their baby in the womb Depending on the stage of pregnancy your doctor will […]

On December 15, 2016

Infections To Look Out For During Pregnancy

Expectant mothers are more susceptible to various viral, bacterial and other types of infections compared to regular people. Being aware and taking precautions is significant in ensuring the health of mother and baby      Pregnant women are at increased risk of acquiring infections because of the  lower immunity levels.According to Dr Teena Thomas, Consultant Obstetrician […]

On May 13, 2016


Introduction Cervical cancer is one of the commonest causes of cancer-related deaths amongst women in developing countries. Every year in India, 122,844 women are diagnosed with Cervical cancer and about half of them die due to this fatal disease. Worldwide, Cervical cancer accounts for 500,000 new cases every year and India contributes nearly 25%. Who […]

On January 14, 2016

Preterm labor – be on the alert By Dr. Beena Jeysingh

Preterm labor is when your body gets ready for birth too early in your pregnancy. It is premature if it starts earlier than 3 weeks of due date. Risk factors are overweight or underweight at time of conception, hypertension, diabetes, smoking, alcohol, pregnancy induced hypertension, gestational diabetes, uterine abnormalities, previous history of preterm delivery, any […]

On January 14, 2016

Morning Sickness -don’t fear! By Dr. Beena Jeysingh

It is an uncomfortable feeling of just nausea or nausea with vomiting experienced in the early weeks of pregnancy due to hormones. About 50 percent of pregnant women experience it. Usually starts around 6weeks of pregnancy and disappears by end of 3months though rarely can stay until end of pregnancy. Report to obstetrician if excess […]

On December 31, 2015

Travel during pregnancy by Dr.Beena Jeysingh

You can still enjoy a holiday or travel for professional reasons during pregnancy. But, yes there will be some restrictions and precautions that you need to take & maintain. The best time to travel is the middle of your pregnancy between 14 and 28 weeks. Most of  the emergencies happen in the 1st and 3rd […]

On December 24, 2015

Preconception Counselling By Dr.Beena Jeysingh

Caring for your health before you become pregnant will help you learn about any risk factors and treat any medical problems before you conceive.This helps you make healthy choices for you and your baby. During the preconception visit you will be questioned regarding your medical and surgical history,family and genetic history,previous obstetric history and lifestyle […]