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On November 2, 2017


PREGNANCY can be as confusing as it is elating and it’s not always easy to tell which changes are normal and which are cause of concern .one such change is vaginal discharge; which can vary in consistency or thickness frequency and amount during pregnancy. Not many women are aware that a certain amount of discharge […]

On November 2, 2017

PCOS – Polycystic Ovary Syndrome

Classically, we thought of PCOS primarily as an infertility disorder or as a cosmetic annoyance, but we now know it’s also a metabolic disorder and a serious long-term health concern. Polycystic ovary syndrome, widely known as PCOS is a condition characterised by chronic failure of ovulation (anovulation) and excessive production of male hormones (hyperandrogenism). It […]

On November 2, 2017

Can micturition post coitus affect chances of conception in a female

For a lot of women post coital pee is regular. Peeing after sex as your doctor, best friend and mom have probably told you countless number of times, is the best way to avoid UTI. But what about when you are trying to get pregnant? The commonly asked question in the outpatient clinic is will […]

On August 23, 2017

Dr. Asha Hiremath Critical Case 2

38- year elderly lady Mrs. Pallavi with BOH- Bad Obstetric history of recurrent pregnancy loss. She previously had 3 spontaneous abortions all within 1-2 months of early pregnancy. Her first child was her fourth pregnancy which was a complicated case of APLA positive pregnancy, (Antiphospholipid Syndrome). This is an auto immune disorder, considered as high-risk […]

On August 23, 2017

Dr. Asha Hiremath Critical Case 1

28-year-old Dr. Meena dentist by profession, diagnosed pregnancy for the first time. She had to undergo treatment for primary infertility which was successful & was diagnosed with twin pregnancy. She was extremely happy when her pregnancy was confirmed but unfortunately, she complained of pain in abdomen on & off. She was diagnosed with a fibroid […]

On August 22, 2017

Dengue and Malaria – Beware of the Fever During Pregnancy

Monsoon is the season where everyone starts enjoying their life. This season gets the child out in you. Many wants to play in the rain water, get drenched in the rain and the list goes on. Yes, enjoying is one part of monsoon. But getting ready to fall sick is another aspect which everyone needs […]

On July 27, 2017

World Hepatitis Day

28th July is recognized as World Hepatitis Day; and today we would help you understand the common causes and Effect of Hepatitis in Pregnancy. Hepatitis is an infection and inflammation of the liver caused by a virus. Jaundice during pregnancy is mainly caused by Hepatitis. Normally, being pregnant will not hasten the disease process or […]

On July 14, 2017

PCOS and Pregnancy

Polycystic ovary syndrome is a complex, commonest endocrine metabolic condition in the reproductive years of a woman. There is no single attributing factor. It is multifactorial. Its impact on pregnancy is not elucidated entirely. Women with recurrent pregnancy loss, subfertility, obesity causing concerns are associated with PCOS.  Spontaneous miscarriage is seen in almost 40% of […]

On May 24, 2017

Preeclamsia & Prematurity

Pre – Eclampsia is a serious health problem affecting 5-8% of pregnancy worldwide (8-10)% of pregnant women in India gets affected by it. 40% indicated or medically induced prematurity is caused by pre – Eclampsia and eclampsia in order to save life of mother and baby as delivery is the final option for this disease […]