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On November 28, 2014

Everything you need to know about PCOS

 What is PCOS or PCOD? Polycystic ovary syndrome (sometimes sadly referred to as disease) is a problem in which a woman’s hormones are out of balance. It can cause problems with one’s periods and make it difficult to get pregnant. PCOS also may cause unwanted changes in the way you look. If it isn’t treated, […]

On August 4, 2014

15 Tips for a healthy pregnancy

1) When in doubt, ASK. See a gynaecologist. It is essential to consult a doctor when you have missed your periods. She will guide you well through your most crucial phase : the first trimester. 2) Change your food habits to include a healthy variety of foods. 3) Food Hygiene : One should be aware […]

On July 18, 2014

A Brand New Wardrobe for the Mommies-to-be!

It’s that time in your life where you stare at your wardrobe and tell yourself that you have nothing to wear. Certain things have to be kept in mind when you join the league of the mommies-to-be. Everything takes an extra effort, your diet, your daily regime and even your wardrobe. You must be elated […]

On July 11, 2014

Are you a working Mom?

If you are a working woman and you happen to be expecting, it is important for you to apply for your maternity leave. The Maternity Act of 1961 under the Indian Constitution lays down the maternity rights for women across all the industries ranging from industrial to agricultural. Any woman who is entitled to a […]

On June 6, 2014

Quality Of Pregnancy

Before the advent of modern age medicine, not a lot of mothers and their babies would survive pregnancy and childbirth. Pregnancy and fetal development takes a toll on both the mother and the baby and thus requires a lot of efforts from the side of the mother. Being a mother instills a lot of strength […]

On May 29, 2014

Puzzled About Your Weight Gain During Pregnancy?

If you are expecting then you naturally tend to gain weight. But there is also the question of how much weight you should gain during pregnancy. Weight gain is vital during pregnancy as it affects the development of the baby. You must be prepared to gain about 12 kilograms of weight at an average. However, […]

On May 22, 2014

Fit Mothers, Fit Babies!

Physical exercises help in enhancing and maintaining body wellness and health. And during pregnancy, exercises are a must. However, there will be a slight change in the course of exercises from the normal regime. It is said that fit mothers have healthy and fit babies. As much as stress and high amount of physical toil […]

On May 6, 2014

Harmful Effects Of Oral Contraceptive Pills

Oral contraceptives are birth control pills, which as the name suggests are taken orally, to avoid pregnancy. While they are easier for birth control, having known the harmful side effects, one may find it difficult to swallow one. Healthy women have meager chance of having severe side effects. For women who smoke the effects are […]

On April 23, 2014

Signs Of Pregnancy

       It’s been 7 days past your due date and now you are keen to know if you are pregnant. Missed periods are one of the surest signs of pregnancy. However, you cannot conclude the same without viable symptoms and tests. Home Pregnancy Test Home pregnancy tests after missed periods are very reliable. And if […]