The best breast care package means combining understanding, sensitivity, and medical expertise to treat every breast problem, big or small.

Whether you are interested in maintaining general breast health or require diagnosis & treatment for a breast issue, you deserve a quality care.

Motherhood Breast Care Package includes

  • Consultation with our senior Breast Specialist
  • Sono Mammogram
  • Blood Investigation- CBC with ESR, TSH & Vitamin D levels


FAQs for Breast Care Package

A lump that is rubbery in texture, moves easily under the skin, is round with distinct borders, and is usually
painless except just before a period. More than one fibroadenoma may occur at a time. Seek medical advice
every time you discover a new lump or changes in existing lumps that have been diagnosed as benign by the

While the causes are not known, the development of fibroadenomas may be related to reproductive
hormones. They may occur more often during the reproductive years, grow bigger during pregnancy or
hormone therapy, and shrink after menopause.

Simple fibroadenomas
These are about 1 to 3 cm in size, and do not increase the risk of developing breast cancer.
Complex Fibroadenomas
The cells have different features and may marginally increase the risk of breast cancer in the near future.
Giant Fibroadenomas
Giant fibroadenomas grow more than 5cms.
Juvenile Fibroadenomas
Occur mostly in adolescent girls.