Dr. Iqbal Essa Musani

Dr. Iqbal Essa Musani is a Professor in the subject of Pediatric Dentistry and maintains an exclusive Pediatric Dental Practice in Pune for the last 21 years. He is a sought-after speaker and he volunteers his time, knowledge, and resources in giving back to society. He is actively involved with the Aga Khan Development Network and the Nityaasha Foundation.

Prof Musani is currently involved in research in the fields of tongue-tie/tongue function, Lasers, and Dental traumatology. He trains colleagues in Laser Dentistry and Nitrous Oxide Oxygen Inhalation Sedation.

Dr. Musani is passionate about helping babies & mothers with feeding challenges due to oral restrictions (Tongue-Tie/ Lip-Tie). He understands impaired tongue function impacts the quality of life of the infants, children, and their families. Dr. Musani says that the tongue should be considered a primary organ, interacting with many other body organs and systems.

When a mother has breastfeeding problems, she should feel confident and comfortable turning to her established system of medical support for help. Dr. Musani provides an Erbium laser frenectomy treatment (Tongue & Lip Tie Release) and is proud to offer a comprehensive approach?????? educating families on appropriate oral motor and breastfeeding support referrals to best address tongue function and its impact on the rest of the body.

Publications & Editorial Contributions

Dr. Musani is a highly published faculty with over 20 publications in International and National JournalsContributed to two textbooks in the subject of Pediatric DentistryTextbook of Pediatric DentistryEssentials of Pediatric Oral PathologyFormerly on the Editorial Board of International Journal of Clinical Pediatric Dentistry