Motherhood Fertility is a well-established center for reproductive centre that offers expert care and seamless support to couples seeking fertility treatment. The centre is well-equipped to handle complex fertility challenges with a highly qualified team of clinicians and state-of-the-art infrastructure and technology. We work closely with academic clinicians to ensure that we continue to lead the field of reproductive medicine. We aim to provide care that is based on scientific evidence.

Our team comprises experienced clinicians who are specialized in the field of assisted & reproductive medicine and accredited to the highest standards. They are experts in the evaluation and treatment of infertility including IUI, IVF and advanced hysteroscopic and laparoscopic surgical procedures. We also have leading embryologists that complete our team of fertility specialists. Also, we have a team of counsellors, dieticians and physiotherapists at hand to help whenever the need arises.

In vitro fertilisation (IVF)

IVF is considered the most effective form of assisted reproductive technology. The procedure is conducted using the patient’s eggs and her partner’s sperm. In some cases, the IVF procedure may involve using sperm or embryos from a donor. IVF is also used when a couple needs to use a surrogate – a woman who has an embryo implanted in her uterus and carries the baby to term.

Intrauterine insemination (IUI)

Intra Uterine Insemination or IUI is one of the procedures used for treating infertility. It involves the injection of sperms directly into the uterus. It’s a type of artificial insemination where sperm that is washed and concentrated to be placed directly in the uterus. This is a viable solution for women who do not have tubal issues or men who do not have severe male infertility. Women with severe endometriosis or a history of pelvic adhesions are not advised to undergo IUI.

Intracytoplasmic Semen Injection (ICSI)

Under severe male infertility Intracytoplasmic Semen Injection is used. ICSI is very similar to conventional IVF where in the female eggs and male sperms are collected from each partner. The difference between the two procedures is the method of achieving fertilisation.

ICSI refers to a clinical method where a single sperm is picked and injected into the female eggs and fertilised overnight in a specialised dish. This method is carried out under the supervision of experienced embryologists using latest technology. It is a ray of hope for couples with various factors preventing fertilisation.

Ovulation Induction

Ovulation Induction involves taking medications to stimulate the development of female eggs in the ovaries. This increases the chances of conception through timed sexual intercourse or through artificial insemination.

What does Ovulation Induction involve?

Assessment: – The Specialist will assess your ovulation cycle through blood tests to measure hormonal levels at specific stages of your cycle. An ultrasound test is also performed to see the development of follicles in the ovaries.

Stimulation: – The ovaries are then stimulated with proper medication to promote the growth of follicles which contain the female eggs.

Monitoring: – The cycle is then monitored very closely with regular blood tests and ultrasounds to check the number of follicles.

  • Timed intercourse or artificial insemination: – When the time of ovulation is perfect, the specialist will advise you the most appropriate day to have intercourse to maximize the chance of pregnancy or to perform an artificial insemination.

Magnetic-Activated Cell Sorting (MACS)

Motherhood Fertility Centre introduced a new generation of Magnetic-Activated Cell Sorting (MACS) system. It is an efficient method of selecting functional sperms to improve pregnancy rates. It is a technique which allows the spermatozoa with the best characteristics to be selected for used in assisted reproduction treatment. The procedure removes those spermatozoa’s which will die without achieving fertilisation and selects the healthy ones which increases the possibility of pregnancy.

Who is suggested MACS treatment?

This treatment can be used on any kind of patient, but is mainly used on:

  • Infertile patients who have a high level of DNA fragmentation.
  • Patients with repeated miscarriages with unidentified causes.
  • Patients treated with artificial insemination.


Physiological Intra-cytoplasmic Sperm Injection (PICSI) is a special sperm selection tool in the treatment of Intracytoplasmic semen injection (ICSI). In an ICSI procedure, a single sperm is selected and injected into an oocyte. Through PICSI Procedure we can determine sperm selection in the same way it happens in human biology. PICSI technique improves pregnancy rates and reduces the number of IVF miscarriages.

 When is PISCI Suggested?

  • Low fertilisation rate after ICSI
  • History of previous miscarriages
  • High Sperm DNA Fragmentation
  • Compromised Embryo development


A person’s life expectancy, be it men or women depends on how they maintain their health and take preventive measures to keep diseases at bay. Especially when it comes to men, a few of them take their sexual health for granted because of their rough lifestyle and busy schedule. Well, boys, this is a NO NO!

No doubt that your penis is a remarkable organ, the only organ that can alter its shape, size, and constitution in a matter of seconds but you cannot assume that it will continue to perform like this forever and the same goes to the other male reproductive organs.

Believe it or not, without proper care and a healthy lifestyle your reproductive and sexual health will eventually go down with each passing decade. Also, many health factors can contribute to this.


Embryology is the branch of biology that deals with prenatal development of gametes, fertilisation and development of embryos and foetuses. Embryology is a very important field of study as it helps in understanding the working of the human reproductive system and helps in treating infertility and various other congenital birth defects that occur before birth.

Role of an Embryologist:

An embryologist is a medical professional who specialises in embryology. The embryologist has an in-depth knowledge of the eggs, sperm and the embryos. Embryologists help in assessing the quality of the eggs or the sperm and help in treating infertility. Embryologists can also carefully analyze the embryo for the presence of any birth defects.

Pro-Fertility Counseling

Infertility is the inability to conceive even after having carefully timed and unprotected sex for over a year. There are various causes which can lead to infertility like age, genetics, lifestyle, etc. Either male infertility or female infertility or both can lead to infertility in the couple. Moreover, due to various factors like sedentary lifestyle, consumption of unhealthy diet, etc the number of infertility cases is constantly increasing.

Fertility Enhancement Endoscopy

Are you planning to extend your family? Well, pregnancy is a happy milestone for many couples. But, not every couple goes through this journey smoothly. According to the American Pregnancy Association, 1 in 6 couples struggle with infertility where half of the cases solely involve female infertility while the other half includes male infertility.

So, what exactly is happening?

Every day rigor and stress of life and work can take a toll on your body, including the reproductive system. Also there are underlying problems in men and women that can cause infertility- like endometriosis, hormonal imbalances, a block in the fallopian tubes, or irregular monthly ovulation from polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), eating disorders, stress, weight gain, or cysts in female and abnormal sperm production, problems with the delivery of sperm due to sexual issues, overexposure to certain environmental factors, and damage related to cancer and its treatment in male.

Semen Analysis

Semen analysis is done to evaluate the quality of the semen and the amount of sperms in it. It is mostly done for the evaluation of fertility. Infertility affects a significant percentage of couples and can be quite frustrating and heartbreaking. To know the exact cause of infertility, various tests are done and semen analysis is one such test which is done for evaluation of male fertility. A semen analysis is also done to check the success of vasectomy.

Preparing for the test:

Your doctor will let you know the exact guidelines to be followed before opting for semen analysis. However, some general rules to be followed are:

  • Avoiding ejaculation up to 72 hours before the test.
  • Avoiding the consumption of alcohol, caffeine and drugs
  • Avoiding hormone medications or supplements.

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