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What is Laser Ablation Surgery?

Laser ablation surgery is a treatment to remove tumours and other lesions by using light. A thin laser probe is placed in the brain which shows exactly what area to be heated.

Laser ablation is also called as:

  • Real-time MRI-guided laser ablation surgery
  • Stereotactic laser ablation
  • Thermal ablation or thermoablation

Laser ablation surgery is safer than traditional surgery and has very few side-effects. Motherhood hospitals are among the few children’s hospitals in the city that offer laser ablation for epilepsy and brain tumours. Our neurosurgeons and doctors work together to provide a minimally invasive procedure.

What happens during laser ablation surgery?

  • Your child will be given a general anaesthesia so that they will not feel any pain.
  • Then a very thin and flexible probe is inserted in your child’s scalp by making a small incision in the.
  • A child is moved into the MRI scanner and using the MRI display, the surgeon checks the precise location of the tip of the probe in the child’s brain.
  • The surgeon turns on the laser and the light comes out of the tip of the probe.
  • The MRI display shows where tissue is being heated and how warm it is getting which helps the surgeon to decide how much treatment to give and when to stop.
  • After the surgery, the probe is removed and the incision is closed with one stitch. The whole procedure with the laser takes only a few minutes but the setup before the treatment takes longer.

What are the benefits of Laser Ablation Surgery?

  • It is less likely to cause damage that could affect the functioning of child’s brain.
  • It is less likely to harm a child’s vision, movement, memory, learning and any other brain functions.
  • It is less likely to have pain and your child will recover faster.
  • MRI guidance makes the treatment more precise.

At motherhood Hospitals, we provide a new, minimally invasive laser therapies to remove tumours or diseased brain tissue that is too deep inside the brain to safely access with usual neurosurgical methods. Our team is experienced in using advanced treatments to treat children with a broad range of disorders affecting their brains and spinal cords.

We aim to give your child the best chance of a long and healthy life.


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