Laparoscopic Tubal Ligation

Laparoscopic Tubal ligation is a method of sterilization for women. In this method, the fallopian tubes are removed or cut and closed shut with clips which prevent the sperm from reaching the egg.

How is Laparoscopic Tubal Clipping Performed?

It is a highly effective procedure, in this procedure an instrument called a laparoscope is inserted through a small incision made in or near the navel. Another small incision is made for a device to close off the fallopian tubes using clips. The clips are placed across the narrowest portion of each fallopian tube, and they are lock tightly across the tube. The clips exert pressure on the tubes and deprive that portion of the tube of blood supply. The laparoscope is withdrawn after the procedure and incisions are closed with stitches.

There are two types of tubal clips:

Hulka Clips: They are made up of plastic with a gold spring lock.

Filshie Clips: They are made up of titanium with a soft, inner, and silastic lining.
Tubal clip ligation is performed just after a pregnancy has ended, but some doctors will place the clips at the time of cesarean delivery or in the immediate postpartum period.

What are the risks associated with the Laparoscopic tubal Clipping?

Laparoscopy with tubal clipping has a low risk of complications. The most common complication is related to general anesthesia.

What are the Benefits of Laparoscopic Sterilization?

  • Quick recovery
  • Fewer complications
  • It is effective right away.

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