Doctors successfully removed ovarian tumour in the 28th week of pregnancy

On February 12, 2018 |

Dr Deepmala, gynecologist at Motherhood hospital, believed PCOS was more common in cities. “In fact, 1 in 200 women are also developing ovarian cysts during pregnancy, which is often a fallout of fertility treatment,” she said.
In a majority of the cases in which women develop ovarian cyst during pregnancy, symptoms do not present themselves and neither the mother nor the foetus is in danger. But if the cysts are over 6-8 cm in size, complications could arise and can be fatal to the mother and the baby.

Dr Deepmala spoke about a recent case she encountered. A 28-year-old in her third trimester developed a 9 cm cyst that caused her ovary to twist. She had been suffering from severe pain in her lower abdomen and back. At first, it looked like urinary tract infection, but an MRI revealed the real cause.

“We found that she had a 9 cm tumour in her right lumbar area. It was a challenging case because she was more than 26 weeks into the pregnancy. We had to do a very small incision to remove the tumour while keeping the baby safe,” said the doctor.

An hour-long surgery was performed to successfully remove the tumour and also prevent a premature delivery.



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