Maternity Benefit Bill – Everything you need to know

On February 12, 2018 |

On the event of International Women’s Day – 8th Of March 2017, The parliament passed the Maternity Benefit Bill. The law will help 1.8 million women in the organised sector & will be applicable to women working in Special Economic Zones too.

Everything You Need To Know About The Maternity Benefit Bill

  • The Maternity Bill 2017 entitles a would be mother 26 weeks of leave for the first two surviving children. For third child, the entitlement will be for only 12 weeks.
  • Of the 26 weeks of leave, a would-be mother can take eight weeks before the due date of delivery and the remaining after that.
  • In case the woman expects to become a mother for the third time or more, she can take a maximum of six weeks’ leave before the delivery date.
  • The amended Bill extends paid maternity leave to women who adopt a child aged three months or less, as well as commissioning mothers who have a child through surrogacy.In both cases, the paid leave will be for 12 weeks.
  • The 12-week leave will be calculated from the date the child is handed over to the adoptive parent or the commissioning mother.
  • For all the above cases, after a mother has exhausted her maximum maternity leave entitlement, she may work from home if the nature of work allows her to.
  • The Bill states that employers must accommodate her request to do so on mutually agreeable terms.
  • The Bill requires all establishments with 50 or more employees to provide crèche facilities within a prescribed distance. All women employees have to be allowed to visit the crèche four times a day.
  • Organisations would have to ensure that they communicate to their female employees all the rights guaranteed under the Act in writing at the time of appointment.

Maternity Bill 2017 - Everything You Need To Know

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