Women’s Center by Motherhood Hospital launches special PCOS Clinic

On August 29, 2019 |

“Women’s Center by Motherhood Hospital launches a one of a kind PCOS Clinic”
A holistic programme aimed at providing expert guidance on lifestyle management, gynaecological problems and emotional issues for women diagnosed with PCOS, will be the hallmark of the program
29th August 2019, Coimbatore: Women’s Center by Motherhood Hospital launches PCOS Clinic – a dedicated multidisciplinary clinic for women with PCOS. The objective of the clinic is to provide a holistic approach to women dealing with PCOS and help them lead a healthy life.

1 in every 10 women is affected by Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS), but only about 50 per cent of them are diagnosed. It is important to know that PCOS is not a disease of the ovaries. It is due to an imbalance in the hormonal milieu of the body, and the changes in the ovary are secondary to that. Contrary to common practice, surgery is not a cure for PCOS. It often leads to untoward complications.

The syndrome can wreak havoc in the lives of women of all ages, from puberty to menopause and beyond. Its debilitating symptoms include irregular menstrual cycles, excess weight gain or resistant weight loss, hypertension, depression, acne, hirsutism (excessive hair growth on parts of the body where hair does not normally occur in women) and hair loss. Many women with PCOS are also at a high risk of being diagnosed with diabetes, heart disease and endometrial cancer.

Addressing the press Dr Mirudhubasini Govindarajan, Clinical Director, Women’s Center by Motherhood states “There is a big gap between awareness of the PCOS symptoms and its management. Women usually seek medical help for their symptoms such as irregular menstrual cycles, obesity or unwanted hair growth in adolescents and young women; infertility among women in their reproductive age and abnormal periods, endometriosis, diabetes or cardiovascular disease in older women.
In such a scenario, only the symptoms are taken care of and the root cause, which is PCOS, is rarely evaluated and treated. Many a time surgery is done in the name of treatment for PCOS and usually ends up in leading to more complications. All this can be avoided by understanding the disease and starting lifestyle modifications early in life. Our PCOS Clinic helps the affected women do that.”

With a commitment to offering high-quality, integrated and multi-disciplinary clinical services that address the various health problems associated with this endocrine disorder, Women’s Center by Motherhood has introduced this exclusive PCOS Clinic at Coimbatore. The clinic aims to be a one-stop centre for all health problems related to PCOS.
“Women’s Center has always been at the forefront providing high quality care to women’s health. With this multi-disciplinary clinic our aim is to provide women with the right information and guidance in dealing with PCOS.

The evaluation and treatment approach will be customised based on the symptoms and needs of every woman. The team at the clinic will formulate a personalised plan for the patient based on her age and what affects her the most, and the focus will be on lifestyle management,” says Dr Suganya Venkat, Consultant, PCOS Clinic, Women’s Center by Motherhood.
The clinic employs a hand-held approach to treat women with PCOS. The patients are evaluated based on their age and symptoms, and a personalised, six-month treatment plan is drawn up to address their health issues.

Here are the three unique PCOS Lifestyle Management Programmes at the PCOS Clinic:

1. The ‘Girl Power programme’ for adolescents and young women aims to address issues like irregular periods, obesity and abnormal hair growth.

2. The ‘Fertility Fitness programme’ is for women of childbearing age, who are finding it difficult to conceive due to PCOS.

3. The ‘Well Woman programme’ is for older women, who have completed their family, but are suffering from menstrual problems or metabolic diseases like diabetes, hypertension, increased cholesterol levels or cardiovascular disease.

In each of these plans, women with PCOS are under the guidance of a team of highly qualified experts comprising of gynaecologists, endocrinologists, nutritionists and physiotherapists who will counsel patients, offer appropriate treatment, chalk out personalised diet and exercise regimens and advise appropriate referral when required.
The treatment also includes hormone replacement therapy to regulate periods, dermatological procedures to combat abnormal hair growth and medications for lifestyle diseases, if needed.

According to Dr Suganya, it is proven that 90 percent of women who adhere to the programme, regularise their menstrual cycles, conceive naturally and keep obesity, abnormal hair growth and raised sugar levels in check.

“Many women with PCOS suffer silently for years because they do not get the right advice and holistic treatment that is necessary. Many women also suffer from the complications due to wrong treatments in the form of surgeries for PCOS. The advantage offered at our PCOS clinic is that all the health problems associated with the syndrome are dealt with in the same place. This eliminates the emotional turmoil that a woman goes through while consulting many doctors, not knowing the underlying cause for her symptoms.

Through our programme that combines behavioural therapy with exercise and diet, a patient is able to make changes that last for a lifetime. This will allow her greatly improve her quality of life and get back to normality,” she adds.



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