Preconception Counselling & Investigations enables you to learn about health issues and help to get treated before you conceive. At Motherhood, our experts guide you to make a healthy choice for you and your future baby with preconception health checks. So, stay in the best of your health when you are planning to go the family way

Motherhood Preconception Counselling includes

Where do healthy babies come from? From healthy parents obviously

So, you’ve thinking of having a baby? That’s wonderful news, but what’s recommended at this stage is a
Preconception Health Check, just to ensure everything’s fine. This involves preconception counselling and a
few necessary investigations, before you take that all-important step to conceive. Our experts will be happy to
guide you on everything that concerns your health and the health of your baby.


  • Complete blood counts with ESR
  • Fasting Blood Sugar TEST (FBS)
  • Blood Grouping and Rh Factor
  • Thyroid – stimulating Hormone Test
  • Rubella IGG Test
  • Pap Smear
  • Ultrasound Scan (Pelvis)
  • Gynaecologist consultation
  • HIV, Hbs Ag, HCV & VDRL Tests


  • Semen Analysis


FAQs for Preconception Counselling

Preconception health is a woman’s health before she becomes pregnant. It means
knowing how health conditions and risk factors could affect a woman or her unborn baby if
she becomes pregnant. Some health problems, such as diabetes, also can affect

Preconception care is the provision of biomedical, behavioural and social health
interventions to women and couples before conception occurs. Its ultimate aim is to improve
maternal and child health, in both the short and long term.

Increase public awareness of the importance of preconception health. Provide risk
assessment, and health promotion counselling to women of child bearing age. Provide
interventions for identified risks. Provide interventions to women who have had a previous
pregnancy that ended in an adverse outcome.