General X-ray

An X-ray is one of the most commonly used techniques for imaging the body’s internal structures. X-rays require a small amount of radiation to visualize internal structures and help doctors diagnose and monitor the condition of patients.

Motherhood Hospitals’ fluoroscopy and digital radiography system use the latest technology that provides high-quality images for every diagnostic exam. With the use of state-of-the-art techniques and equipment, the risk of radiation in modern X-ray equipment is very low. X-rays images show different body structures in various shades of grey. In areas that absorb the X-rays well, such as bones, the grey color appears lighter, and the areas that do not incorporate the X-rays well, the grey color appears deeper. The images obtained from an X-rays can either be still or moving.

How Do You Prepare Yourself for an X-ray Test?

There are no specific rules for preparing for an X-rays examination. However, In Motherhood Hospitals, you may need to keep certain things in mind including:

  • Wear a comfortable outfit which can be easily removed. You may need to wear a gown.
  • You may be asked to remove all the jewelry or metal (snaps, zippers) from the area that is being examined.

What Happens During a General X-ray?

You may be asked to either lie down or stand up depending on the areas of your body being examined. The x-ray tube will be located over the table, and the film will be in a drawer under the table. Through your body, the machine will start sending a beam of radiation and your dense, hard bones will block them and create a white film. The radiation can also pass through soft tissues such as fat and muscle, which appears as the grey color in the X-ray report. The air in your lungs will look black.

The complete process is painless, and it takes just a few minutes. After the completion of the process, you may ask to leave the Radiology Department of Motherhood and wait outside.

Why Choose Motherhood Hospitals for General X-rays?

The primary goal of Motherhood Hospitals is to provide a safe, effective, and comfortable imaging experience to their patients. Our department of radiology is specialized in imaging for children, infants, pregnant women. Our state-of-art imaging techniques and latest technology offer safe the low-dose and the most radiation-free options in the region.


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Mrs Kavitha
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