Pregnancy Care


At Motherhood Hospitals, The Department of Obstetrics includes a team of expert gynaecologists, Foetal Medicine experts, nutritionists, physiotherapists, and trained and experienced nursing staff. We provide comprehensive care ranging from pre-natal care to post-natal care. We are also equipped with one of the most advanced neonatal care team supported by state-of-the-art NICU infrastructure to ensure that complex and high-risk pregnancies can be managed including extremely premature birthings.

At Motherhood, The Department of Obstetrics manages your journey through the entire nine months and more. The list of services offered includes prenatal care, specialized diet counselling, Lamaze classes and consultation with physiotherapist, scans as per requirement as well as 24X7 gynaecologist support at the hospital. We also have 24X7 pharmacy, laboratory and blood storage equipping us to handle any emergency related to birthing.

The birthing program also includes specialized packages for pregnant women such as Nine Divine, that offers comprehensive care through out the pregnancy journey. We also focus extensively on natural birthing, while we are experienced in managing LSCS as well as high risk and complex pregnancies.

Obstetrics Services And Procedures

Prenatal care

Staying healthy during pregnancy is important because you are not only responsible for your health but also the health of the little one growing inside you. Moreover, it beings a lot of changes to your immunity too which makes it easy for you to contract minor illnesses like the flu, stomach infection, etc. and make it last for a longer time. That is why you need to take that extra care during your pregnancy. Here is where prenatal care comes in handy. Prenatal care is not just for you but for your bundle of joy too so that your journey to motherhood is happy and a peaceful one.

Antenantal Care

Antenatal Care (ANC): Because little extra care can go a long way!

Whether you are in good health or are coping with a rough pregnancy, staying fit and healthy is essential. This is where Antenatal Care (ANC) steps in

Postnatal Care

As the roller coaster ride you hopped on comes to an end, there are miscellaneous things to be taken care of. The first few hours and days after delivery are the riskiest for both mothers and their newborns. That is why utter care should to given to both. While most people focus more on the pregnancy care on the nine months of pregnancy, postnatal care or postpartum care is important too. The postpartum period begins right after the delivery and lasts to about six to eight weeks.

Patient Story

“After lot of struggles I heard a sweet news and good news in the month of June ie., my wife, my love said that she is concived. I felt happy that cannot explain with words.

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Journey Of Little Princess

“Having a doctor like you is something that nearly everyone wants, but many get to experience. Doctors are always busy and, in a hurry, but whenever we visit you, you give your sincere and undivided

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Dr.Geetha Nagarajuna

In the hospital everyone is very nice and caring. They maintain a good atmosphere for the patients . I am very thankful to all the staff for making the environment so friendly. Especially I would

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Mrs. Nimita Prasad
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at Motherhood India Hospitals


State-of-the-art operation theatres, manned by a team of experienced technicians, nurses, anaesthesiologist and leading surgeons.

Our Labour, Delivery and Recovery (LDR) rooms are designed to ensure the comforts of home but they’re also well-equipped with all the medical technology essential to ensure a safe delivery.


Executive / Suite Rooms: International standard suite rooms for expecting mothers and their families. These suite rooms are designed to offer best-in-class facilities for mother and child.




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