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Paediatric Ultrasound

A pediatric ultrasound is an examination of the child’s abdomen with the help of an ultrasound machine. The procedure involves an ultrasound gel and a small probe (transducer) that uses sound waves to produce an image. It is a non-invasive medical examination that helps our experts diagnose and treat abdominal pain. It also yields useful information about other organs such as the liver and kidneys.

At Motherhood Hospitals, a Paediatric Ultrasound can be performed to examine the patient’s
• Uterus
• Bladder
• Pancreas
• Liver
• Appendix
• Kidneys
• Ovaries
• Stomach/pylorus
• Testicles
• Intestines
• Spleen
• Gallbladder

These ultrasound images are essential in diagnosing appendicitis in children. The doctors at Motherhood can also perform a paediatric ultrasound to:
• Determine the causes of vomiting in young infants
• Detect the cause and the presence of a seemingly enlarged abdominal organ
• Guide other procedures including biopsies
• Identify the location of abnormal fluid in the abdomen

How should you prepare for an ultrasound exam?
To prepare for the procedure, your child is not allowed to eat and drink for at least 3 hours (for younger children) or 10 hours (for older children) before the procedure. Your child needs to wear a loose-fitting, comfortable dress during the whole process. Depending on the type of ultrasound, the assigned doctor may discuss the other details with you.

During the examination, your child needs to lie down on his or her back on a test table. The sonographer or radiologist at Motherhood Hospitals will spread a clear, water-based gel on the skin. Then, they press and move the probe back and forth to produce the desired image. Once the imaging is complete, the gel will be wiped off your child’s skin.

Why Choose Motherhood for Paediatric Ultrasound?
Motherhood Hospitals are one of the best hospitals in India for a pediatric ultrasound. We offer the entire spectrum of paediatric imaging services performed with ultrasound. Our team of imaging specialists includes a paediatric radiologist who works with the diagnostic team, along with a paediatric specialist to offer the best possible care to your child.