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Best paediatric doctors near me - Motherhood India Hospital

Uma Vijay about Dr. Kathyayini at Motherhood Banashankari.

Doctor Name - Dr. Kathyayini.

Unit - Motherhood Banashankari.

I am glad to write this feedback about the services provided by the motherhood hospital with regards to Dr. Kathyayini and her support staff. Dr. Kathyayini was too good to make me feel very comfortable whenever was on a visit to her also could get assistance from her over the phone with regards to any queries irrespective of the time. Coming to support staff they were also friendly & supportive in all the queries addressed to them and took good care of me whenever I visited the hospital for a checkup. Not to mention Noor was also very helpful in all stages from the start to end of my journey under Dr. Kathyayini and was quite responsive whenever we had any queries. Overall the experience and the services from the Doctor and staff of the motherhood Hospital were very good. By Uma Vijay   

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