Hi, I am Sameena Salahuddin blessed with a baby boy on 13th June & my doctor is Dr. Sireesha Reddy in Motherhood Sahakar Nagar, it was a great experience being a mother & throughout my pregnancy. Dr. Sireesha Reddy was very helpful to understand the pains & listen to all my questions & answer it. I am truly blessed to have a such a great doctor. She answered all my queries with patience. I want to thank her from the bottom of the heart for giving me such a great experience of being the mother. Want to thank all Motherhood staff, starting from OPD staff, 2nd-floor staff, Labor room, housekeeping & at last canteen people for making my journey comfortable. I delivered normally. If it was any other doctor & due to my condition as I had few complications they could have done C-Section no doubt in that, it was all support & motivation by my doctor due to which I had a normal safe delivery with epidural. People think taking epidural is not good but I suggest all to go ahead & have a painless normal delivery. I had to suffer a lot from 7th to 9th month due to my complication but still had normal delivery it was possible only for the support of the doctor. Dr. Sireesha helped me a lot to overcome all the pains and deliver normally. Special thanks to ‘’Dr. Sireesha Reddy, Sis. Margreat, Sis. Shalini, Sis. Philomina, Sis. Sandra, Sis. Pushpa, Sis. Roopa, Sis. Mamtha, Sis. Evanjalin. Thanks a lot, Motherhood.
I am Kalyani consulted Dr. Sireesha Reddy. The doctor was excellent, She takes care of her patients with great care, like a family person. Very supportive staff & nurses. The hospital is overall very good. Having normal delivery is always good. It is very helpful to get cured quickly post-delivery, deals with fewer complications, Breast feeding can be given to the child without any pain. The doctor was very supportive at labor room, taken care of my concerns, provided a lot of support, when I had pain. She was very good and nurses also good. Motherhood is a good hospital which has all the facilities for birthing and child care. I recommended to all my friends to consult Dr. Sireesha for their planning.
Swapna Muthappa21/07/17
I am Swapna, consulted Dr. Sireesha for 9 months of my pregnancy and the delivery was done by her. She is a very experienced doctor also takes care of her patients very well. I had a great journey at Motherhood as all staff starting from housekeeping to medical practitioners are very good. The hospital is very clean, gives homely feeling and I felt Dr. Sireesha was like a family member. Having a normal delivery is always better than C-section as it reduces hospital stay, Major surgery and recovery time. So, I always wished to have a normal delivery. At Motherhood, I had a lot of support from Dr. Sireesha and staff and could deliver my baby normally. Motherhood always supports normal delivery.
KalyaniDate : 18/07/17
I am Kalyani, consulted Dr. Sireesha Reddy. She is a very good doctor. I am very much satisfied with her. Normal delivery supports fast recovery, you can get back to work easily. Complications are also comparatively less. The doctor was always supportive. She was open to my doubts anytime. She is available even on odd timings. A doctor with immense patience.
Revathi R Babu ReddyDate : 18/07/17
I consulted Dr. Sushmitha. The doctor was very concern and promising I have ever seen. Well satisfied with her. I had wonderful experience throughout the journey at Motherhood. Normal delivery is very helpful then C-Section, it reduces body weight and future is good If it is Normal delivery. Doctor and Motherhood was very helpful in the treatment and they train pregnant lady with Yoga for Normal delivery, the packages are pretty good and good diet care is done. Completely satisfied with Motherhood.
Rashmi SDate : 18/07/17
I have consulted Dr. Sireesha Reddy. She is one of the humorous, calm, patient and well-experienced person by her profession. Motherhood is one of the premium maternity hospitals. Whom we can trust and rely completely on. I would suggest all other expecting mothers to consult the doctor and enjoy the pleasure of Motherhood. Normal delivery is preferable / recommended as it is very helpful post-delivery. Motherhood Hospitals prefers the natural way of attaining motherhood for women.
Date : 20/07/17
I consulted Dr. Sireesha Reddy, who is Very Good, knowledgeable and well experienced as well. My journey at Motherhood was Fantastic, I am Very much happy with the service & hospitality of nurses & staff. Normal delivery is always helpful as recovery time is less and it helps the mother to maintain her health also. I strongly recommend Dr. Sireesha Reddy to all our friends, because her suggestions were helpful to get normal delivery.
I had consulted Dr. Sireesha Reddy for 9 months and for the delivery. I had a great support from the doctor since the very beginning. The doctor guided me & helped me throughout my 9 months journey. Every month visit to the doctor was a great learning experience about my pregnancy. The doctor is very knowledgeable, friendly and provided great support during pregnancy. The journey of my pregnancy with Motherhood was an awesome memorable one which I would cherish my whole life. Doctor supported us for normal delivery from the beginning of pregnancy & on the day of delivery. The normal delivery was possible because of help from Doctors, Nurses & people at Motherhood. They provided great service & support at every stage and our whole family had a memorable experience. Thanks a lot.
Sahana Prajwal & Our Little Daughter 9845971447
Motherhood is the Hope for Normal Delivery!!! Our Sincere thanks to Dr. Madhushree who showed up in the most needful. On Motherhood, my maternity journey was extremely smooth and seamless. Every time I came for a visit, I felt like I could leave my worries at the door and just enjoy my time here. I felt I was taken care of at every time of my visit and every scan, test or consultation. There’s a certain something about this hospital that makes you feel continually enveloped in care and comfort, the entire panel of staff went out of their way to make me feel cared for. The experience of bringing a little baby into this world has been so cherishing. Thanks to the Motherhood experience. From the consultations to the delivery, it was the best experience I could have hoped for! Normal Delivery (All Credits to Dr. Madhushree for the wonderful guidance) was very helpful to me and keeping me active in all sort of work and it is really helping me taking care of the Baby in all manner without any help … Thank you, Motherhood. You are doing a wonderful job, especially for first-time mothers like me. Keep up the good work! I hope you continue to delight many expectant moms in the years to come, just like you did, me.
Shilpa B S 9900024620
I had a normal delivery in my second pregnancy after a C-section with my 1st pregnancy. During the delivery time, Dr. Sireesha Reddy was with me patiently, waiting and encouraging for a normal delivery. Dr. Sireesha Reddy gave me the much-needed confidence that it was possible and even during my pregnancy her guidance was very helpful during all the anxiety or panic moments. After the normal delivery, I could lead my life as before within a week. Felt energetic enough to take care of myself, baby and do some house chores too.
Anusha konidala - 9742276448
Going through labor and having a vaginal delivery is a long process that can be physically demanding and hard work for the mother. But one of the benefits of having a vaginal birth is that it has a shorter hospital stay and recovery time. Vaginal births avoid major surgery and its associated risks, such as severe bleeding, scarring, infections, reactions to anesthesia and a lot of long-lasting pain. I had normal delivery which was perfectly handled by Dr. Sushmita k. She supported me from the first day of my pregnancy and due to her support and care I gave birth vaginally and we both are safe. I was admitted in labor room early morning 5’o clock and till 12 noon I was able to bear the pain, after 12 I couldn’t bear the pain and I was given epidural which was advised by my doctor, it reduced my pain for some time and finally in the last stage, from 4 pm again I got severe pains which I couldn’t bear. But with full-fledged support from Dr. Sushmita, my life partner and the nurses in Motherhood I was able to push my baby. Finally, at 5:05 pm I gave birth to my baby. Going through labor pains and delivering a baby is good for our health though it is hard. we have to be positive, mentally prepared and strong from the first day of pregnancy to give vaginal birth. Doctor’s and my life partner’s support played a prominent role during the entire pregnancy period. I am very much thankful to both Dr. Sushmita.k (one who gave birth to my baby) and my husband (who supported me during my entire period of pregnancy)
SupriyaIndiranagar, Bangalore
Motherhood – The name gets justified with the kind of services and case being taken of mother and child in every aspect. The administration staff is very soft spoken, helping and available round the clock. The house keeping staff is admirable in their services and very well behaved. The facilities provided and hygiene is worth each penny. Last but not least coming on to medical staff, frankly I didn’t feel like the surgery is going on. Dr. Madhavi Reddy proves her professionalism in every manner and supportive throughout my treatment. The medical practitioners like anaesthetic, physio, Admin counsellor, Lactation counsellor were available round the clock. A very good experience.
Swati PaulIndiranagar, Bangalore
My wife Swati Paul got admitted on 25th June for the delivery of our second child under the guidance of Dr. Gowri. Dr. Gowri and whole team of Motherhood, CMH road had put tremendous effort for a normal delivery and they were succeeded on the same though there was a last-minute complicacy. It is a great teamwork exhibited by the team Motherhood starting from the floor nurse to up hierarchy. I am happy with my pleasant experience. Thanks
Simeen SajjadHebbal, Bangalore
Doctor and all other staff are very helpful. Dr. Sushmitha K, Dr. Varsha, Miss. Veena and Miss. Ashwini Were very kind and helpful and at many times gone beyond the call of duty to help us. They explain everything well, understand you very well. Small gestures of gifts and sweets make us happy. On call, also they are available. Use of technology is good. Catering is good. Sister Mamtha helped us a lot with the feeding. I wish I had met her during my first pregnancy. Good that you have a baby shop. Guards at the gate helped us with bringing umbrella.
MalatiHebbal, Bangalore
Dr. Sireesha Reddy is an excellent doctor I have seen, the dedication, caring , encouraging what else I can say about her. I would like to recommend many of my friends and relatives just because of Dr. Sireesha. We had a normal delivery just because of her. Such an amazing person. I strongly recommend this hospital just because of  “Dr. Sireesha Reddy” I can lay everyone will be happy whoever goes to her. We are truly 100% happy and we treat Dr. Sireesha Reddy as a family member. The big thanks to Dr. Sireesha.
Kiran ChowdharyHebbal, Bangalore
I thank whole Motherhood staff for taking care for the mother and baby from the day we heard good news and yes we will always recommend to all for Motherhood care. All things went very smooth there.
Priti JhaHebbal, Bangalore
We liked responsiveness of Dr. Madhushree. Though she was travelling and busy, She always responded on phone and whatsapp for any queries. We felt she was listening and she had time and patience to take care of her patients. The hospital is also well maintained. Our treatment has just started, so we will be able to say more later.
Sivaramakrishna SSarjapur Road, Bangalore
The process for joining and admitting was very easy.there was no confusion, big thank you for this.the nursing staff’s are really good,we didn’t bothered much because of nursing staff.they given proper care for mother and baby.Baby feeding and baby bathing was really good.many thanks to Dr. Prasanth, Dr. Sagar, Dr.Gaurav, Dr. Ali, Dr.Krishna.Thank you for entire staff and housekeeping section also.
TejaswiniSarjapur Road, Bangalore
Very good hospitality service. Comfortable stay in all time.
AbdulSarjapur Road, Bangalore
In billing Team Members are give all the information about process and nursing staff also best employees in this hospital
Swetha B.VHebbal, Bangalore
Very happy to say that good caring and responsible.
Suvidha ReddyHebbal, Bangalore
Very happy with the service and staffing. the nursing staff caring very good.i am so happy to stayed their.
B.ShilpaHebbal, Bangalore
Really i am thankful to motherhood doctors.they caring about our child excellent.however the house keeping supervision also very nice.the nursing are very respectful and responding properly.
VeeramanipriyaHebbal, Bangalore
My Wife was 34 week pregnant when water decrease.my plan was to have delivered in my hometown.because of  this complication i refused her to motherhood immediately . i was explained the whole problem.immediately they would made c-section and take baby out.
Eric MathewIndiranagar, Bangalore
I would like to express my sincere appreciation to the hospital staff members in the operation theatre and second floor for the devoted service. Special thanks to Dr. Lathika, Dr. Elizabeth, Dr. Gowri and Dr. Nishanth would like to mention few sisters name also, Ashwini, Priya, Shalin, Shweta, Lijitha, Cini, Liji and Sarata. All were very supportive and promptly came whenever needed my wife and baby was regularly mentioned at all aspects. Also would like to thank all the cleaning staff who have taken utmost care of our room. We are really happy and impressed to the service given by Motherhood and team, everything was perfect and upto the mark. Motherhood team cheers to you!!!
VinuthaIndiranagar, Bangalore
I would like to thank Dr. Gowri, duty doctors, nurses and management who helped and who took extreme care in delivering baby. I am very happy with the management and the services provided in Motherhood from the day one till the end. Henceforth, I would definitely recommend my friends who ask for suggestion to deliver baby.
Varshini PriyaIndiranagar, Bangalore
I Dinesh admitted my wife (Varshini Priya) in your hospital on 23rd May 2016 for labor pain. It has been wonderful experience getting treated/delivered my second baby at Motherhood with such understanding and helping Doctor’s Nurses and Admin. Have to say special thanks to Dr. Vijayalakshmi who has delivered our both the kids at Motherhood. Overall the facilities have been excellent and a wonderful experience and would recommend Motherhood to my friends/colleagues.
PriyankaIndiranagar, Bangalore
As per our experience in the hospital, the facilities were at the room was excellent. The nursing staff was very helpful and professional. I would like to specially thank Dr. Vijayalakshmi for her friendly approach to treating my wife and child.