Mrs. Manisha

On February 20, 2019 |

My special thanks to Dr Bhawna Mishra, Dr Shivani, I want to say that due to their motherly nature and quick response my baby and my wife are safe. The greatness of Bhawna Mishra did the miracle.
If I have to recommend any of my relative or friends, I will suggest to meet Dr Bhawna Mishra since she is a great doctor.
Sister Wahida is great support to your team. She gives a warm hope and care for everyting she is capable to do. She deserves to be part of administration as she can help you to grow.
Sister Jonna like nurses are gems to the hospital. She cares like mother and puts smile to every patient. She is very responsible and alert to the duty.
Team (Nurses) keep doing good work.
At the end, special thanks to great Bhawna Mishra. She is not only doctor, she is god for every patient.



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