Nidhi Jha & Rishi Jha about Dr. Manisha Tomar at Motherhood Noida.

On December 15, 2020 |

Doctor Name – Dr. Manisha Tomar

Unit – Motherhood Noida.

 ” Our journey with Dr. Manisha Tomar” was far more than satisfying…she made our roller coaster ride as smooth as was possible…our journey was full of jerks untill the time we delivered our little angel but all this time Ma’am gave us the comfort that she is there next to us…together she made us believe that our small steps will finally take us to our final destination….she is an excellent professional and a humble human being….

She always gives ample time to her patients and gives them enough time to discuss their concerns…
We had been diagnosed with gestational diabetes during my 3rd trimester but with her expertise she balanced both my diabetes and the health of our baby with a few changes in our diet…
Above all she had been really quick to always respond to our messages and even our emergency calls at odd hours ….it always gave us the comfort that -All will be well when Dr Manisha is there ….
Dring these covid times she has been calm and helped her patients maintain their positivity…needless to say she came like a ” Guiding angel”  in our life who bought another angel in our life and made us complete…thank you Ma’am for everything..we have been fortunate to have found you.”

– Nidhi Jha and Rishi Jha


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