Syeda Sidra

On April 22, 2019 |

I am Syed Sidra. We had come to Motherhood, Indiranagar from Tukur. I delivered a baby girl but after 4 days, the baby developed chest infection. Few of my relatives told me about this hospital and so we got my baby to Motherhood.
On the way, baby’s condition became worse. It was then Dr Ankur immediately stopped the ambulance in Nel Mangala and started the treatment so that the baby is a little stabilised before reaching Bangalore.
Here Dr Deepa and Dr Prathap were there in NICU for the further treatment.
The baby was there in NICU for more than 40 days where Dr Deepa and Dr Prathap were very positive. They counseled us and we were updated on each treatment provided for my baby and the improvement of the baby day-by-day.
Nurses in NICU are so good and friendly, it seems like they are treating the baby as they own.
Marina, Rinsha, Kamakshi, Mounci, Jagan and Tom and other sisters in NICU were very helpful.
Now after 45 days, the baby is shifted to normal ward and baby is improving and healthy as compared to when we brought him here.
Hearty thanks to Dr. Prathap, Dr Deepa, Dr Ankur, Dr Mumtha, Dr Sproothi for the all the support.



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