Video Consultation FAQS

Q 1. What are the Specialities offered by Motherhood for Video consultations?

A- Motherhood is equipped to handle Obstetrics, Gynecology And Pediatrics consultations over video.

Q 2. How do I get connected for Video consultation?

A- For a Video consultation, we will require you to  book an appointment via Motherhood Website.

  • Click the “Book an Appointment” Tab
  • Select the Motherhood Hospital and your doctor
  • Choose from the available slots for Video Consultation
  • Complete the payment process
  • You will receive a Confirmation Email
  • 15 Minutes Before The Consultation slot, you will receive an SMS and an Email with a link to start the video consultation with your consultant
Q 3. How long does a consultation last?

A- Each consultation is expected to last around 10-15 minutes. However, the actual duration of the video consultation will depend on the doctor assessment of the patient and his/her condition.

Q 4. Will my treating doctor be available for consultation?

A- Currently we have a restricted set of doctors across each hospital offering. We will soon have all of them on this platform.

Q 5. Can I choose my own doctor?

A- Yes, user can pick any doctor who is available for video consultation depending on your need. You can also take the help of our call center for choosing the right doctor

Q 6. How do I make a payment?

A- Users can pay through four different kinds of payment modes. Cards (Visa, Master, RuPay& More) Net banking (All Indianbanks), Wallets (PayZapp&Freecharge) and UPI (Instant payment using UPI App). You can get in touch with our call center for any details.

Q 7. Is your payment gateway safe& secure?

A- Yes – we work with best-in-class service providers who offer security standards at par with the best.

Q 8. What happens if the video call gets disconnected in between?

A- You shall be provided with an option to reconnect in such scenarios.

Q 9. Can I upload the photograph of the prescription for better understanding?

A- Yes

Q 10. Can I get a Soft copy of my prescription?

A- Yes, a copy will be emailed to your email address on completion of the consultation.

Q 11. Can I extend the consultation by 5 /10 mins?
A- Like any other consultation – if the doctor feels there is any need – he/she will extend it. The consultation will end only when doctor closes it.

Q 12. Is this facility available 24X7?

A- No – specific slots are available. Check the slots on our website.

Q 13. What happens if my computer shuts down or internet connection stops working right when the Payment is getting processed?

A- If the payment goes through –The appointment will be confirmed, and you will get an SMS/email.

If the payment fails, you will need to book again.

Q 14. What do I do if I am not available during the booked appointment?

A- You have an option to reschedule it.

Q 15. Will I get refund if I am not able to connect to the doctor after payment?

A- Yes – if you are not able to connect to the session due to any technical reasons.

You can request a refund my mailing your details to with your transaction details and we will process your refund via the same.

Q 16. How many days will the refund process take?

A- It will take 7-10 business days.


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