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Where to find the best gynaecologist in Coimbatore?

Women’s Center by Motherhood Hospital, Coimbatore has some of the best gynaecologist in Coimbatore. Our team includes highly experienced specialists and experts. We have the best lady obstetrician and gynaecologist in Coimbatore who offers the most appropriate investigations and makes an accurate diagnosis while recommending the right course of action.

To identify the best doctors is the easiest through feedback, and testimonials. Good doctors have a good reputation among their patients and you can find the best doctor for yourself by taking suggestions from a trusted group of friends and family. You can also take their suggestions and determine which doctor is the best for you.

A doctor must be attentive to his patient. If the doctor is not attentive enough to the concerns of the patient, there might be a potential gap in understanding the patient’s medical condition. In order to provide the proper care to the patients, the doctor must attentively listen to all of the patient’s concerns.

Clear communication is crucial to establishing a trusted and dependable bond between the doctor and the patient. The patient must communicate all his symptoms and other problems clearly to the doctor. The doctor after understanding the patient’s problems must prescribe the right diagnosis.

Doctors must keep themselves updated with all the latest events, trends and advances in the medical community. They must be aware of the latest advancements in medicine to provide quality care to patients.

Doctors must be considerate towards their patients. Good doctors are always sensitive toward their patient’s concerns and medical conditions. They assist patients in curing the disease while being extremely friendly and comforting.

Doctors must make themselves accessible to patients who need it. The doctor must manage the patients and divide his time of the day accordingly. This way, doctors will be able to provide the right care at the right time.

Best gynaecologists in Coimbatore

These are the few things which have to be kept in mind while you look for the best gynaecologist near you.

Consulting the top Gynaecologist in Coimbatore is easy when you book an appointment at Motherhood Hospitals. Select your preferred doctors based on their specialisation and qualifications. Our doctors at Motherhood Hospital Coimbatore provide treatments for a whole range of women’s health concerns, be it a normal routine check-up or high-risk pregnancy.

Book your Motherhood appointment in Coimbatore here. You can also call 8494800099 / 96203-96203 for more information. Call today!


Meet the expert specialists that deliver the very best obstetrical, gynaecological, fertility, neonatal, and paediatric care to you. Find one nearest to you and book an appointment now.


Dr. Mirudhubashini Govindarajan

MBBS, FRCS (Canada)
Consultant - Infertility Specialist and Gynaecologist
Coimbatore, Coimbatore

Dr. Ramya Jayaram

Consultant - Reproductive Medicine & Endo-Gynec Surgery
Coimbatore, Coimbatore

Dr. Anuradha R

Consultant - Maternal Foetal Medicine
Coimbatore, Coimbatore

Dr. Sindhuri T R

MBBS, MS (OG), Fellowship in Reproductive Medicine
Consultant - Reproductive Medicine
Coimbatore, Coimbatore

Dr. Saranya S

MBBS, Post Doctoral Fellowship in Fetal Medicine, MD (OG), DNB
Consultant - Fetal Medicine
Coimbatore, Coimbatore

Dr. Selvanandhini G

MBBS, Post Doctoral Fellowship in Fetal Medicine, MD (OG)
Consultant - Fetal Maternal Medicine
Coimbatore, Coimbatore

Dr. Sushma Ravindran

MBBS,MS (OBG),DNB (OBG), Fellowship in High risk pregnancy.
Consultant Obstetrician
Coimbatore, Coimbatore

Dr. Divya B

Consultant Obstetrics & Gynecology
Coimbatore, Coimbatore

Dr. Abhineya A R

Reproductive Medicine Consultant
Coimbatore, Coimbatore

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At Motherhood Hospitals, we have a legacy of over a decade in delivering excellence in the women and children’s space. Not only are our infrastructure and facilities world-class, but our expert specialists also have over half a century of experience in treating mothers and their children. Whether it’s obstetrics, gynaecology, neonatology, or paediatrics, we have all your needs covered. Now spread over 5 states across the country, find the nearest centre to you now.

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