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On April 1, 2015

Trying to conceive: Expert advice By Dr. Jayashree Murthy

“Doctor, we’ve been married for a few years and trying to have a baby but nothing’s happening,” is a line gynaecologists often hear. For couples trying to conceive, there are a few basic rules they should follow. Know your fertile phase For a woman who has regular 28-30 day menstrual cycle, the fertile phase would […]

On March 19, 2015

What should I expect from my first prenatal checkup?

When you suspect that you could be pregnant or if you have already got a positive pregnancy test at home, you must see your gynaecologist as soon as possible. At this first visit, a detailed consultation with your doctor would take place. The aim is to understand details of your health, any problems that may […]

On March 18, 2015

What is Urogynaecology? By Dr. Rubina Shanawaz

Urogynaecology is a sub-specialty which integrates the complex and intricate specialities of Urology and Gynaecology, focusing on urinary problems and pelvic floor disorders in women. These problems arise due to the close anatomy of the urinary bladder and urethra with the uterus and vagina. Hence, these issues in women will have to be dealt with […]

On February 18, 2015

Hypothyroidism in pregnancy

Thyroid hormones regulate metabolism—the way the body uses energy—and affect nearly every organ in the body.  Too little thyroid hormone is called hypothyroidism and can cause many of the body’s functions to slow down. Hypothyroidism affects between three and ten percent of adults, with incidence higher in women and the elderly. Thyroid hormone plays a […]

On February 13, 2015

Love and Limits – Parenting playfully

Discipline and Freedom: What’s the correlation between these two powerful words? Discipline is taken up as a serious business by some parents, they curb their child’s freedom to choose or act. But as they say, freedom brings in opportunities to learn likewise disciplining needs to bring in the freedom to think and choose. Our goal […]

On January 29, 2015

High-risk pregnancy ensuring the best possible outcome by Dr. Beena Jeysingh

Pregnancy, a nine-month period of caretaking, is a time of happiness and joy for every mother. It also brings along a new set of anxieties. While most pregnancies are uneventful and without any sudden surprises, some pregnancies may be categorised as “high-risk”. What is a “high-risk” pregnancy? A “high-risk” pregnancy is one in which the […]

On January 20, 2015

Checklist of Foods to Avoid During Pregnancy

When you are pregnant, hormonal changes lower your immunity and affect your immune system. Your unborn baby is more susceptible to the bacteria, viruses, and parasites that cause food-borne illness. Food-borne illnesses such as toxoplasmosis, salmonella and listeriosis can cause serious illnesses in mother and baby.Toxoplasmosis may cause flu-like symptoms in the pregnant mother. Listeriosis […]

On January 14, 2015

Pregnant , Stay Healthy By Dr. Faiza Waliullah

Pregnant? Tips for a healthy one! There are a number of different emotions people go through when they discover they are pregnant. Excitement is perhaps the most common, but it is also natural to experience a bit of anxiety, especially while considering the best things to do for good health of the mother and baby. […]

On December 16, 2014

Diet tips for a winter pregnancy by Mrs. Edwina Raj

  Being pregnant in winter is definitely better compared to summer as the cooler weather balances your naturally high internal temperature. It reduces the increased sweating during the third trimester. Although, winter is also associated with flu, common cold, infections, chills, etc.   Diet for Pregnancy during winter needs to be taken special care of. […]