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Main Objective of the Role

Incharge nurse who have to display leadership, management and communication skills, responsible for managing, supervising and assisting nursing staff providing administrative support and patient care. While daily goals must be met, effective charge nurses are flexible and are able to prioritize and adapt during emergencies.

Key Responsibilities

  • To get oriented to department and the hospital to know the facilities available in that particular institution.
  • A labor delivery nurse is required to have associate degree or a Bs.c nursing.
  • She should have a RN license and appropriate certifications for neonatal care{as required by the employer.
  • A labor and delivery nurse may be required to administer medications, induce labour,monitoring fetal heart rates work with doctors to design an Infant delivery plan and perform other similar tasks.
  • Educating the staffs working under her preparing a training modules and training them according to their knowledge and enhance their skills in practical work situation.
  • She will address any errors when necessary and takes appropriate action and decisions at times of need
  • upon decision of the charge nurse , nurses within the department will have to undergo training as new practices and procedures comes to light.
  • skills ; it will be her job to resolve immediate problems and delegate tasks, this is where years of experience comes in to play.
  • To maintain cordial  inter personal relationship within the unit and with support staff of other departments.
  • To ensure strict discipline and decorum at all times .
  • To handle with care and with knowledge all gadgets used in patient care in the dept.
  • To carefully follow the infection control practices of concerned department.
  • To maintain records of all types of procedures, births still births,incidents,training modules monthly census and the day to day happenings of the events in particular department.
  • To check the appraisals of the staffs periodically to encourage and to bring in changes in the performance of the staffs.
  • To be aware of NABH standards and implement the same.

Major Job Qualifications / Specific Skills

Required Education: GNM/B.Sc (Nursing)

Experience: 11 - 12 Years

Knowledge and Specific Skills: Clinical Skills, Supervisory Skills, Ability   to execute plans, Responsible & Accountable for nursing care, people skills, decision making, problem solving skills, Task oriented, Aware of NABH standards

Required Critical Behavioral Competencies

Communication/ Attitude and confidence:

Good Communication Skills, Problem Solving, Team Management, Training & Development, Mentorship



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