Signs and symptoms are the body’s way of letting you know that the system is not functioning normally. In simple terms, it means that your body is not running smoothly due to some medical condition. Some symptoms are seen to fade away over time with no treatment whereas a few of them causes utter discomfort and needs to be followed up by medical help.

To know the severity of the condition a medical test is a must, and the accuracy of the medical test is essential to ensure the most effective TREATMENT. Only with accurate results comes the accurate treatment. At Motherhood, we provide our patients with a hassle-free diagnostic, treatment, and patient care services. Our experienced group of doctors, state of the art laboratory designed with the latest technology and world-class equipment helps in identifying the minutest anomalies in the body.

With the set of ever-advancing technology opted, sophisticated as well as welcoming infrastructure and skilled pathologists, the department offers you more than just medical tests and treatment. We work towards precision and specificity for the overall wellbeing of the patient. With an array of scans and procedures, we are equipped to identify any condition in the body and treat it as per the patient’s medical requirements.

Motherhood introduces the AMPATH Laboratories, an automated pathology and diagnostic solution provider operating under the clinical oversight of pathologists from UPMC (University of Pittsburgh Medical Centre). AMPATH is established in direct collaboration with UPMC which is one of the top 10 hospitals in the United States of America as per US News and World Reports. It offers the most advanced tests with 100% reliable performance, producing accurate, precise results on every test, every time.

Therefore, there is more than just one reason to trust us with your health!


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