Dr. Samhita Bhushan

Currently Working as an Assistant Professor in RD GMC and consultant at Motherhood Hospital, Indore.
A highly qualified and trained Psychiatrist Army Family Physician, with more than 10+ years of experience in the field of her service.
Her areas of expertise include International Affiliation in Deaddiction (ISSDP) (UK)
An expert clinician, who truly practices evidence-based approach for disease diagnosis, effective patient counselling and prompt treatment with special interest in women mental health.
She was an officer in the Army Medical Corps for the term 2008-2013 completing 5 years of short service commission.

Educational Achievements and conferences:

Has been an active campaigner for decriminalization of cannabis with participation at International addiction conference at AIIMS 2017, CSIMR-IIM meet 2018.
Awarded various international scholarships including Asian scholarship award at ISSDP17 for original research on cannabis market in India, research presentation on a Rare case series of Huntington Chorea with psychiatric manifestations at International congress of Royal college of Psychiatry17.
Presenting and awarded scholarship for research presentation at upcoming 1st Asian drug policy conference at Hongkong (14-15 Oct 2019).
Currently undertaking various research projects on psycho oncology and stress spectrum in life of doctors.
Member of Red-Cross society and works for welfare of Women.

Dr. Sheba Thangiah

When you see your objective as, bigger than your obstacle. you will go forward and not back. With over 35 years of experience in counseling, Dr. Sheba Thangiah completed her Doctorate in Counseling, from SAIACS.

Dr. Sheba Thangiah was involved in publishing a family journal for over two years dealing with family issues and managing case studies with questions and answers. During this period. she also set up a need-based project called. Knot-Keepers. She has also recently authored a book entitled. Times of Reckoning.

Maintaining a balance between professional and personal life has always been a  great challenge for Dr. Sheba Thangiah. However, she has found the fulcrum around which life turns. Dr. Sheba Thangiah is also a Conference Speaker. an Overseer of a Children’s Home.  a  Clinical Counsellor, a community leader, and a sought-after     Family      Counsellor. Dr. Sheba meets many clients in a week offering them systematic therapeutic, in-depth counseling.

Dr. Meghana Kashyap

Dr. Meghana Kashyap is an RCI Certified Psychologist holding a post masters degree with Gold Medal from National Institute for the Mentally Handicapped (NIMH). Her areas of interest include Child Mental Health, with a special focus on neurodevelopment disorders, particularly intellectual and developmental disability, autism spectrum disorders, ADHD, and school mental health programs.

Her work mainly focuses on early detection and intervention of child mental health problems integrating neurocognitive, developmental, behavioral, and familial perspectives. She has presented several research papers in dance and yoga therapies for children with developmental disabilities.

Dr. Ruth Fernandes

Dr Ruth Fernandes is a consultant Psychiatrist with an immense experience of 16 years. She is very passionate about working and helping patients achieve their best outcomes. Her areas of interest include anxiety and stress related disorders, depression, grief, psychotherapy especially mindfulness, relationship problems and parenting.

Dr. Ruth Fernandes area of expertise is in Reproductive psychiatry, helping women with emotional distress during times of hormonal change, from menses to menopause. She specializes in treating women before, during and after pregnancy, as well as other times of transition in their lives. Her special interest in treating new mothers with stress and anxiety got her to begin the Mindful Moms programme which is conducted weekly once. She has been trained by the Institute of Noetic Sciences, U.S.A. for mindful motherhood. She regularly conducts workshops on Mindful Motherhood and Mindful Parenting as she views it is as a vital way of strengthening mothers & building stronger families. She also provides grief counselling and support for women who have undergone miscarriages.

Her approach when treating a patient is to focus on the whole patient and not just the symptoms. She provides a combination of psycho-pharmacology(medication) and psychotherapy (talk therapy). Her forte is to treat patients empathetically in a non judgemental, warm, safe and confidential environment.