Dr. Arvin Kaur

Dr. Arvin Kaur: Best Physiotherapist In Mohali | Motherhood Hospitals

Dr. Arvin Kaur is a Guru Nanak Dev University position holder (2nd +5th), did her Bachelors in Physiotherapy (B.P.T)degree (4 and half years)from Apeejay College of fine arts, Jalandhar. She has rich experience of 10 years in the field of Physiotherapy at Mother and Child Hospital and specializes in Antenatal Exercises, Postnatal Exercises, Labour pain management, Natural birthing, Breastfeeding, Pregnancy discomforts, baby care and postnatal care for mothers.

She has a keen interest in gifting every pregnant woman the most memorable experience of Child Birth by witnessing, sharing and guiding solutions for their concerns and discomforts during the Pregnancy, Delivery and Post delivery phase as a Pregnancy Coach.

She aims at preparing every pregnant woman physically and mentally for a Normal Vaginal Delivery. She has conducted many natural vaginal births and helped the pregnant woman to ease their labour pains through different pain management techniques, to have a quick, easy and comfortable birthing experience.

Work experience:

  • 10 years as visiting consultant Physiotherapist and Counsellor at Chaitanya Hospital, Chandigarh.
  • 5 years visiting consultant Physiotherapist and Counsellor at Bedi Hospital, Chandigarh 
  • Worked as a Resource person for many different workshops.
  • Currently working with Motherhood Hospital, Mohali 

Area of Experience :

  • Antenatal /Pregnancy 
  • Postnatal/Post Pregnancy 
  • Breastfeeding 
  • labour /Natural vaginal delivery 
  • Newborn baby care/Orthopaedic cases

Chayanika Sharma (PT)

10+ years of experience across multiple verticals of sports , fitness ,neuro-rehabilitation, orthopedic and Gynec patients. Apart from clinicals, also an active participant in Antenatal training & Ergonomic talks.

Education Summary

1. BPT from Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Science Bangalore,2009

Current Summary
1. Currently working as a Gynec physio in Motherhood Hospital since last 4+ years
2. Conducting Antenatal , Postnatal and Labor Pain Management classes for pregnant ladies
3. Worked as a Ergonomist in Accenture company
4. Conducting Ergonomics sessions and Health camps in various IT companies through Motherhood (Wipro, Ola,
JP Morgan, Crimson Logic, Paladian, Snap Deal, Zinca, AMD, Timken, Manhattan, Deutsche Bank, Pega)
5. Working as a freelancer in other Maternity hospitals like Blossom, Queen Hospitals

Experience Summary
1. Worked as a professional Physiotherapist to sports personalities such as Madan Lal(Cricket),Robin
Singh(Football) & Avni Parashar(Golf)
2. Treated numerous Ortho and Neuro-patients ,kids with Cerebral Palsy and other occupational syndromes
3. Treated patients with spine disorders, post operative cases and facial trauma
4. Participated in more than 60 physiotherapy camps in Delhi and Noida

Other Activities
1. Certified Ergonomist from Alison online course
2. Diploma certification in Nutrition from Udemy online course
3. 1st World Congress on Manual Therapy-2007
4. Workshop on proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation
5. Manual Therapy in a clinical reasoning perspective- 2009

Dr. Shweta Upadhyay

Dr Shweta Upadhyay: Best Consultant Physiotherapist & Lactation in Gurgaon | Motherhood Hospitals

Overview:  Dr. Shweta Upadhyay is a powerhouse of energy. She holds a Master’s degree in Physiotherapy & has an overall experience of 6 to 7 years as a Women’s health physiotherapist with a specialization in Pre & Post-natal care. She has worked with other prestigious organizations as well such as Fortis Healthcare, Cloudnine mother & child hospital, and Apollo Cradle & currently with Motherhood. She is BPNI certified Lactation Consultant helping new moms to breastfeed. She is also CAPPA certified Childbirth Educator helping mothers during Labour for easy & natural delivery & educate them about Labour for couples. Not just limited to this she is also a certified Nutritionist in Child care.’


Experience in the areas of: Physiotherapy, Lactation, and Childbirth Educator, Pre & postnatal fitness.

Sri Tirumala Devi (PT)

Best Physiotherapist in Motherhood Hospital, Kannamangala, Bangalore

Sri Tirumala Devi (PT) specializes in neuromotor rehabilitation, postoperative stiffness, and Pediatrician rehabilitation. Expert in controlling pain pathways through various sensory approaches and training a significant muscle. She is also an expert in Back Pain Physiotherapy, Shoulder Pain, Back Pain, Hand Therapy, Orthopaedic Physiotherapy, Stroke Physiotherapy, Arthritis and Pain Management Treatment, Knee Pain Physiotherapy, Neck Pain, Cervical Spondylosis Physiotherapy, Paraplegia Physiotherapy, Electrical Stimulation

Sobiya Altaf Shaikh (PT)

Dr. Sobiya Altaf Shaikh

Sobiya (PT) is a  Physiotherapist working in the field of Paediatrics and women’s health, having 5 years of experience in providing diagnoses, determining the most effective treatments, and educating the patients. She is qualified in providing highly specialized therapeutic interventions to infants so as to facilitate the prevention of adverse outcomes of prematurity or prolonged hospitalization and assist children in overcoming motor and sensory issues. She has also worked with neonates and the pediatric population providing them with early intervention and rehabilitation for a wide range of neuromotor, musculoskeletal, genetic disorders, and syndromes. She also has expertise in antenatal and postnatal rehabilitation and counseling and has successfully conducted ANC PNC classes. Apart from technical expertise, she has a caring and compassionate nature aiming to provide the necessary care for the well-being of women and children.

Shovna KC (PT)

Shovna KC  (PT) has over 3 Years of experience in physiotherapy . Passed out from Acharya college of Physiotheraphy , Bangalore. She has wide range of experience in Ultrasound /IFT/Muscle Stimulator/TENS/Wax Bath /Moist Heat/SWD/Shoulder Pulleys/Theraband and Gym Ball , Hand Exercises Equipments,Static Bicycle & Threadmill , DNT ,Geriatric Rehabilitation , Antenatal Post natal rehabilitation , Pilate , LAMAZE EDUCATOR , Manual Theraphy in Clinical Reasonal Perspective.

Rabiya Naz (PT)

Dr. Rabiya Naz has complete her Bachelors in physiotherapy. She is specialized in Yoga, Antenatal & Postnatal exercises. She has been helping out women during their Pregnancy, Labour & after their Delivery and help ease their pain through exercises. She is always ready to answer all your questions anytime. She is very friendly and supportive. Education: Bachelors of Physiotherapy.

Geetika Sood (PT)

Geetika Sood (PT), a Neonatal Developmental Care Specialist, has 20 years of experience in the field of Occupational Therapy. A post graduate in Occupational therapy, she is specialised in the field of Neonatal therapy, Sensory Processing Disorders, Neurosciences and Child Psychiatry/Behavioural Issues.

Being a Certified Neonatal Therapist (NTNCB-US), She is well with Developmentally Supportive Therapeutic care of Newborns & Preterms in NICU and Neurodevelopmental Screening of High Risk Infants/ New Borns for any possible delays.

A brief note about self:

Geetika helps in providing highly specialized therapeutic interventions to infants so as to facilitate the prevention of adverse sequelae due to prematurity and/or prolonged hospitalization.

Her role starts as early as neonatal stage when baby is in NICU, followed by parental training and support at discharge from NICU, further followed by time to time Follow Up, Developmental Screening and guidance to the family of the high risk infants.

She has an explicit experience in the field of pediatric Occupational Therapy. She is a trained Early Interventionist (CSU LA), and handles cases like Autism, Hyperactivity, Attention Deficit , Behavioural issues, Sensory Processing Disorders, Down’s Syndrome, CP etc .

Areas of Expertise

Neonatal Therapy in NICU
Neurodevelopmental Screening of Newborns and High Risk Infants for any possible delays
Infant Stimulation
Early Intervention – Providing appropriate stimuli to enhance development of gross motor/finemotor/ communication/cognitive skills
Occupational Therapy
Pediatric OT
Sensory Integration
Neuro- surgery
Plastic Surgery


Jan 2016 – Present , Consultant Developmental & Neonatal Therapy Apollo Cradle, Brookfields, Bangalore.
Aug 2015 Nov 2018, Consultant Occupational Therapist Telerad Rxdx, Graphite India.
2006 2015 Chief – Vydehi Institute of Rehabilitation, VIMS & RC, Bangalore
2006 2015 Consultant Neonatal Therapy & Early Intervention, Mallya Hospital, Bangalore
Feb 2004 Aug 2015 HOD – Occupational Therapy, VIMS & RC, Bangalore
2000 2001 Occupational Therapist, D.M.C. & H, Ludhiana, Punjab
1999 2000 Occupational Therapist, Paraplegic Rehabilitation Centre,Mohali
1999 2000 Occupational Therapist, Command Hospital, WC, Chandimandir
1999 Occupational Therapist, PGI Chandigarh

Academic activities

Research Paper and poster presentations done in various national & international conferences,
Conducted Seminars
Organised Conferences
Organised Awareness Drives in Medical College, school & community

Anindita Majumdar Bhattacharya (PT)

With a dedicated focus on rehabilitation and devotion towards patient care, Anindita Majumdar (PT) has dedicated more than 12 years to physiotherapy. Her dedicated approach towards patient care has won her several accolades and makes her one of the highest-rated physiotherapists in portals like practo and others.

In her previous stint, she was heading the department of physiotherapy at Cloudnine Group of Hospitals. She has worked with multi-specialty hospitals like Apollo Hospitals, Wockhardt Hospitals, CARE Hospitals. Evidence-based practice and multi-disciplinary approach have been Dr.Anindita????s key approach and she has established the same best practices in all her engagements. She has an innovative approach in practice and comes up with different physiotherapy programs to improve the quality of care in antenatal and women’s health physiotherapy.

Having conducted 500+ live online webinars for patients and corporate MNCs, she is an eminent speaker who connects with the audience and develops an element of trust with them.

Dr.Anindita has done her master of physiotherapy in 2011 and bachelor of physiotherapy in 2009.