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AMEH & REGINA Motherhood Hospitals

Indiranagar, Bangalore We got to know about Motherhood through my husband’s friend who got to know I was having health issues and he wanted us to visit India for treatment. I feel really good that I chose to come here. The nurses are friendly, caring and very patient and they listen to you. They do things because they want to and not just because it’s their duty. The doctors are so nice. They were treating me and they saw something totally different from what they were expecting yet, they did not just stop there. The doctors went ahead to check what the problem really was. I had to undergo laparoscopy. During the procedure they found something strange and worm-like. The doctors then decided to open me up and then they saw that there were 3 surgical gauzes were forgotten and left inside me by the doctor during the last surgery in Africa in 2009. The doctors saw that my flesh was growing over the gauze and it had destroyed my right fallopian tube and ovaries. The doctors had no choice but remove my fallopian tube and ovary for my own safety. Within 3 days after my surgery, I was able to walk around perfectly. Apart from the doctors and nurses, the Nutritionist and Physiotherapist are also excellent. The physiotherapist came and helped me walk and took me around. The nutritionist took special note of what I like and sent in good food as per my liking within the boundary of what is good for me. They have all taken good care of me. This place is very good and I would recommend this place for any woman who is facing health issues. Everybody here knows what they are doing and give you adequate attention. One highlight of this place is that they listen to you. They want to know the depth and history of your case. This is lacking in other places, everyone is generally in a hurry to cut open and that’s the reason we ended up in a situation like this.

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