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Mageshwari. S Motherhood Hospitals

We had a wonderful experience at motherhood Sarjapur. What stood apart was the quality of service offered by the staff. All nurses appeared knowledgeable, capable, pleasant mannered and helpful. The doctors had a common sense based approach and their advices made perfect sense. A few words of gratitude for some of the nurses who attended us: Jinu was the nurse who was there throughout the night of labor and she extremely supported us throughout the phase comforting and building confidence Anisha was great in the initial screening process and making us settle down. Back in the room, we were attended mainly by Geethu, Sini, Yasmin and Blessy among the others. All of them were fabulous. They explained various aspects and gave tips on parenting. They are very helpful and taught us a lot of chores. Doctors: Dr Shwetha on duty was a lifesaver. She kept our main gynae appraised of the progress diligently which helped them to take the right call before things could turn risky. Our consulting gynae was Dr Julie Thomas. Dr Julie Thomas is a very practical, down to earth and knowledge doctor. Very approachable and sweat. She was right in her assessments even when scan reports conflicted her opinion! Thank You for coming in at 3:00 AM travelling 15 KM to get our baby out at the nick of time. All other doctors, nurses and housekeeping staff were awesome too.

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