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Best paediatric doctors near me - Motherhood India Hospital

Thiagarajan & Manju Parkavi - Motherhood HRBR Layout

We have a very good experience with the motherhood hospital at HRBR Lay Out. Ours is a precious pregnancy after 8 years of marriage and a miscarriage with the odds we had, we were in dire need of all the support we can get. The doctors are very supportive and look us through even detail. Our gynecologist is Dr. Kavita Lakshmi aswasan and took utmost care of every small detail for us to have safe delivery and healthy baby. She also kindly guided us while making some different decision. The neonatal unit (NICV) and pediatric doctors DR. Srinivas Murthy and DR. Suresh Gowda ensured the health of baby. The nursing staff is well experienced and extremely courteous sisters namritha and pavithra are the couple of names we cloud gather. Mr. Yesudev, Mrs.Shilpa, Mrs Asha, Mrs Tabitha helped us with legal itams and ensured support in various ways. Again our heartfelt thanks to the doctors and staff of motherhood HRBR for Being with us and giving our joyful life.

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