Aakankasha Kapoor (Infosys)

On February 23, 2018 |

Motherhood is a great hospital with a wonderful staff and facilities. I am in consultation with Dr Sireesha Reddy for some time now and she is amicable in nature, make you feel extremely comfortable during the treatment. She interacts with her patients with a lot of patience and clear all their doubts. Meeting her gives me immense positivity and I feel I am in safe hands. Recently, I had to undergo two surgeries- Myomectomy and Ovarian Cystectomy I must say that the whole process was very well planned and streamlined. Dr Prabhakar Reddy is the anaesthesiologist who was also a part of the surgery and he is so calm and composed doing his job perfectly. Post-surgery both the doctors kept following up with me to ensure I am doing well. After this surgery I hope to conceive soon as It was a hassle free assistance for us. Also, not to forget the nursing and housekeeping staff all the nurses were prompt at their service so was the housekeeping.

Overall, I would recommend Motherhood Hospital to all the women. With continued dedication as a team, I believe they will rise above the bars very soon



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