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Antenatal Ultrasound Scan

Antenatal Ultrasound Scan


Ultrasound scan use sound waves to image your baby. The scans are completely painless and have no known side effects.

For most of the expectant mothers its very exciting to see their baby in the womb

Depending on the stage of pregnancy your doctor will offer you scan accordingly.

The scan can provide information that may mean you have to make further important decisions.

The first scan is called the dating scan or the viability scan. The purpose of this scan is:

  • Check your babies heart beat
  • Estimate the date of delivery based on the babies measurements
  • Say whether you are pregnant with one or more babies.
  • Detect where the embryo is implanted, inside the womb or outside( ectopic, usually in the fallopian tube)
  • To find out the cause of bleeding in case if you have

The next scan is usually prescribed at 11 weeks to 13 weeks of gestation .

  • This scan is usually called NT( Nuchal translucency) scan. This scan is performed to asses your baby's risk for downs syndrome
  • To confirm the site of placental implantation
  • To asses the cervical length

The third scan offered to all women is called the anomaly scan, usually takes place between 18 to 22 week of pregnancy.

  • This scan checks for structural abnormalities of the baby
  • To examine the baby to see if all the organs are normal
  • Asses the amount of amniotic fluid
  • A Doppler scan also can be performed to study the blood flow to the baby and within the baby

An interval growth scan or a fetal well being scan can be performed in the last trimester :

  • To measure your baby's growth rate and amniotic fluid
  • Check the baby's weight
  • Presentation of the baby

Some are offered more number of scans depending on their health and their pregnancy

It is an opportunity for fathers also to bond with the baby.

Content Credits: Dr Elizabeth Jacob( Radiology)

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