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How to find the best General Surgeon

Surgical procedures are performed by general surgeons. While some surgeries require a surgeon who is an expert in a specific area such as a cardiac surgeon or a neurosurgeon, general surgeons have specialized knowledge in the entire surgical process from pre-surgery to post-surgery procedures. Choosing a general surgeon is a personal decision and can be quite difficult considering the many options available. Here are some important factors to consider when choosing the best general surgeon in Indiranagar, Bangalore:

Find general surgeons near you by asking family and friends for referrals. Ask them questions like – how professional is the surgeon? How good are his/ her communication skills? Was the surgeon attentive to their needs? Does he/ she possess the required experience? How good are the facilities at the hospital/medical center? You can also check online reviews of various surgeons in Indiranagar, Bangalore. Be careful to check only the reviews that pertain to the specific area that you are interested in. For example, a general surgeon might get positive reviews for a certain type of procedure and negative reviews in other areas.

Take care to check the doctor’s credentials before booking an appointment. The most important credential to look for in a general surgeon is whether board-certification. This shows that they possess the required skills, experience, and expertise. Also, do a thorough check of the surgeon’s history. Does he have any malpractice claims? Has he been disciplined by the health authorities in the past? This will help you make an informed decision when picking a surgeon.

Before choosing a surgeon, it is important to find out about their experience with surgeries similar to the one you would be undergoing. The more experience they have with that particular surgery the more confident they will be. They will also be able to inform you with regards to risks and complications that might arise during surgery. To gauge a surgeon’s experience and expertise, ask questions like – How many surgeries of this type have you done? What are the risks and complications that might occur post-surgery? What are the best precautions to take pre-surgery? The answers to these questions should give you a fair idea of the surgeon’s style as well as experience.

Evaluate the surgeon’s communication style by asking questions and noticing how they reply. Does he/ she show genuine interest in your situation and work in your interest? A good surgeon will listen to your questions attentively and then provide you with the required information. He/she will take care to put you at ease while being honest about the potential risks and complications of the given surgery. Once you are satisfied with the surgeon’s communication style and credentials, you can go ahead and book the surgery in Indiranagar, Bangalore

To receive the most insurance benefits and avoid surprise medical bills, make sure to choose a surgeon that participates in your insurance plan. Also, find out whether your insurance will pay for doctor visits. Lastly, make sure to check what kind of care is covered in your insurance plan. Since insurance plans differ from person to person, certain surgeries or the latest treatments might not be covered. It is always better to check beforehand, so you aren’t overwhelmed by surprise bills post-surgery.


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Dr. Chandan Juneja

Consultant - General Surgeon
Bangalore, Indiranagar