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How to find the best Nutritionist

A nutritionist advises clients on how to lead a healthy lifestyle or manage their conditions such as thyroid or heart disease by teaching them how to eat healthy food to maintain their mental and physical wellbeing. They can provide customized information depending on a client’s needs and requirements. Topics dealt with by nutritionists include weight loss, fitness goals, diet plans, etc. Nutritionists can choose to work in a variety of areas such as sports, public health, or the food industry. Here are some important factors to consider when looking for the best nutritionist in Indiranagar, Bangalore.

Nutrition is a people-oriented field that brings together individuals from various backgrounds. It is important for a nutritionist to build rapport with clients as well as be firm with them when necessary. A nutritionist should be a good listener who understands the needs and concerns of clients before advising them on the course ahead. The client should feel comfortable enough to share personal information and not worry about being judged. If the nutritionist has a personable and friendly demeanor, trust will be built easily.

Nutritionists should have proven analytical and problem-solving skills. They need to apply their knowledge of food and science to craft a well-thought-out plan on behalf of their client. They should also be up-to-date with the latest fads and trends in the food science industry and be able to apply that knowledge to suit a client’s needs. A nutritionist should have a scientific mind and be well versed in subjects like Biology and Chemistry.

Apart from having an analytical mind, nutritionists should possess the technical know-how to handle tools like calorimeters, glucose meters, etc. They should also be well versed with software programs and spreadsheets to draw up plans for their clients.

Nutritionists should be highly organized since they might be dealing with large numbers of clients, each with personalized nutrition plans. Good organizational skills are crucial to keeping track of the progress of all registered clients. They also need to handle several administrative tasks such as making routine calls to clients, sending emails, scheduling appointments, etc.

Nutritionists should have a strong interest in science and technology. They should be able to draw from their knowledge in biology and physiology when recommending food/diet plans. Nutrition advice should be evidence-based and scientific rather than anecdotal. They should be able to provide strong scientific evidence while advising clients on issues such as salt intake, dietary advice, etc.

Professionalism is an important quality for a nutritionist. They should be willing to be flexible about work hours since clients often schedule sessions before and after work hours. They should have a professional attitude while dealing with clients who pay for every minute of their time and should be able to answer questions on a wide variety of topics such as nutrition philosophy, diet recommendations, etc. They should also be certified with all the latest licenses and certificates to gain the confidence of clients.

Before making your final decision to choose the best nutritionist in Indiranagar, Bangalore make sure to get the answers to a few crucial questions such as:

  • How many clients do you normally work with?
  • What is the profile of your clients?
  • How many sessions does it typically take before I start to see results?
  • Can I get in touch with any of your clients to learn about their experience?

This should prepare you to make your final decision. Make sure that you are totally comfortable with the nutritionist before you go ahead and sign up for services.


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Dt. Deepti Lokeshappa

MSc- Food Science Nutrition and Dietetics
Senior Consultant - Clinical Nutritionist