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Dos And Don'ts To Follow To Protect Your Kids During COVID-19 Unlock

Dos And Don’ts To Follow To Protect Your Kids During COVID-19 Unlock

The ongoing lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic has forced a large part of the world's population to stay indoors. But, in India, the government has suggested some relaxations in the lockdown period to revive the economy. The worry now is how to get kids out again without significantly raising the risk of the spread of the disease. One should not forget the fact that the deadly coronavirus hasn't gone away from our country and we are still in the process of coming up with a vaccine.

Although researchers are working on developing the vaccine, the only way we can prevent the infection is by adhering to the basic guidelines suggested by the health bodies for ourselves and our kids. Managing kids in this lockdown and keeping them safe from a host of potential threats is of importance during this time. Here are some essential dos and don'ts in this regard:

Keep Recently Bought Groceries Out Of Reach Of Kids

By now we are all aware why it is extremely important to be cautious while handling the groceries we bring home every few days. Since any object coming from outside might be a potential virus carrier, make sure that you place all such stuff in a safe and secluded spot in the house which is out of reach of your children. You can place it in the storeroom or in the balcony and lock the door. Do not let the child touch any of these objects before they are thoroughly washed with soap and warm water or cooked.

Sanitise Yourself And Kids Immediately After Returning From Outside

As soon as you are back from grocery shopping or a short cycling session in the park, make sure to have a bath and put the clothes out for laundry. Do not let the child touch any object, be it keys, masks, cap, spectacles, toys etc before they are washed or sanitised.

Ensure Shoes Are Kept Outside

Kids have a habit of touching everything within their reach out of inquisitiveness. It is very important therefore, to strictly separate the shoes you take out. Place a shoe rack outside the house and always leave those shoes out so that the child does not touch them by mistake.

Keep In Touch With The Child's Pediatrician

If possible, keep in touch with the child's pediatrician in the case that the child develops fever and common cold. In consultation with the doctor, keep a few basic medicines at home to ensure they are handy when the child needs.

Don't Delay Your Kids Important Vaccinations

Though the infection has brought the world to a standstill, do try to get the child vaccinated where services are available because they protect them from serious diseases. World Health Organisation also warned us, saying immunisation is an essential health service which may be affected by the current COVID-19 pandemic and disruption of immunisation services, even for brief periods, will result in increased numbers of susceptible individuals and raise the likelihood of outbreak-prone vaccine preventable diseases (VPDs) such as measles.

Be Judicious About Your Choices

As a global society, we can't say for certain what will happen next whether a sudden surge in new coronavirus cases will make it necessary to reinstitute quarantine measures, as has happened in Singapore and Hong Kong, or, worse still, fears of a more contagious strain come to be. The smart thing to do is remain cautiously optimistic about regaining your freedom to move, but remain realistic that we don't know what the future holds.

Maintain Respiratory Hygiene In Public Places

It is always a bad habit to cough or sneeze openly in public. Droplets through coughing and sneezing are what had led to such a spike in the number of COVID-19 cases worldwide. Thus, it is recommended to maintain your respiratory hygiene while in public. Cover your mouth with a tissue or cough and sneeze in your folded arm.

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