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Ectopic pregnancy By Dr. Beena Jeysingh

Ectopic pregnancy By Dr. Beena Jeysingh

Normally the fertilized egg implants and grows into a baby inside the uterus. Rarely can it implant outside the uterus when it is called Ectopic pregnancy. The commonest site is fallopian tubes and is called Tubal pregnancy. Other sites can be ovary and cervix.
Presenting symptoms can be missing of periods, light vaginal bleeding, lower abdominal pain or giddiness.
Diagnosis is either through ultrasound or monitoring pregnancy hormone levels [b-hcG] in correlation with clinical symptoms.
Early diagnosis and management is important as it can cause heavy internal bleeding. Depending on the condition of patient and stage of ectopic pregnancy the management could be medical or surgical. Laparoscopy is the preferred surgical approach until the patient's condition does not permit when open method is opted.

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