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How Often Does My Child Need A Wellness Visit?

How to Prepare Your Child for a Wellness Visit - Motherhood India Hospital
How Often Does My Child Need A Wellness Visit?

What Is a Wellness Visit for Children?

Some people might imagine a doctor’s appointment as an event when someone is sick or hurt. While these are valid reasons to go to the medical provider’s office, proactive appointments are important too. Regular checkups help the doctor to gauge the child’s health and development. During the visits, the doctor might even see a priority that otherwise wouldn't have come to light. It is easier for the doctor to make any wellness treatment if required. A wellness checkup keeps the kid up thus far with vaccinations and also helps keep parents attentive to any physical, mental or emotional concerns.

The Benefits of Regular Wellness Visits for Children

Starting at age 5, children should have a wellness visit at the paediatrician’s or family doctor’s office once a year up until age 18. Doctors might want more frequent visits from children with certain health conditions like diabetes, cognitive difficulties or genetic disorders. From birth, parents must get regular check-ups of their children done. As an example, during the primary year of life, doctors recommend checkups every two to 3 months.

What to expect
At the wellness visit, the doctor and other medical staff members will take the child’s vital signs. The doctor also will measure height and weight to work out the progress the kid has made. The doctor will conduct a physical examination of various organs of the child such as eyes, ears, mouth, nose and other internal organs. These visits are an opportunity for the parent to debate any behavioural or developmental problems the kid has.

Common Concerns and Questions About Child Wellness Visits

Some people may wonder why such annual appointments are necessary, especially if the kid looks healthy. A wellness visit will give the doctor a more in-depth study of the child’s health. Things that aren't obvious to the mom and pop may become apparent to the doctor.

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