5 ways to reach out to an introvert friend

If you know someone who loves to take a break from social interaction and recharge, he/she is probably an introvert. Introverts tend to be shyer, more reserved and talk less. Unlike extroverts, they cannot always speak their mind and may need to get very close to a person to finally open up about their feelings.

If you have ever tried making friends with an introvert, you would know that it takes a bit more time and understanding. Here are some tips on how you can reach out to that introvert friend who does not want to open up without compromising on their space.

5 ways to reach out to an introvert friend


1. Read them correctly

Your introvert friend may be in the mood of going to that party but is unable to communicate and is scared of social interactions. As a friend, it is up to you to read your friend and understand the signs. This may also be a vice-versa situation, where your friend is in no mood to leave his/her bed but has to because they have promised you before.

2. Choose low-key activities

If you have an introvert friend, they most probably do not enjoy spending time at loud pubs and clubs. For such times, make sure you have an alternative planned. Take them out for walks or a simple cup of coffee also suffices!

3. Listen more than you talk

Most extroverts by nature are talkative and can express what they are feeling, however that is quite the opposite with introverts. If your introverted friend wants to talk or convey, make sure you listen more than you talk or give advice. Most of the times they just need a friend to listen and not say anything in return.

4. Do not come unannounced
Chances are that your introvert friend will not be at all pleased if you reach their home unannounced. Introverts love their space and hate it when someone tries crossing the line.

5. Let them leave when they want to
Did you manage to bring your introverted friend to party but they want to leave? Chances are they are not enjoying it and they should be able to leave without leaving their friends displeased!