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DT Next- Health tips for kids back to school- Dr Madhuri Prabhu

As parents prepare their children back to the classroom, they should also ensure that their children have adequate information on how to keep themselves healthy. Here are a few safety measures that can help children stay healthy during the back-to-school season.

Chennai: Face masks:

Parents should ensure that their children wear face masks that cover their noses and mouth. Face masks help to contain infectious respiratory droplets spread among children, especially during breathing, talking, or coughing in the classroom. Children with health conditions can be safer by wearing face masks. Safe disposal of used face masks should be taught to everyone at school.

Physical distancing:

Students should maintain at least six feet distance within the classroom. There is always a possibility of an infected individual being asymptomatic but still contagious. Children should also be advised to have snacks or lunch at their desks instead of crowding themselves, as they need to remove masks while eating and there are possibilities of getting infected.

Washing hands:

Parents can protect their children from the COVID virus by implementing certain cleaning practices and maintaining good personal hygiene. As schools follow strict SOP guidelines, students should be encouraged to wash their hands with soap or alcohol-based sanitizer regularly. It is advisable to wash hands as many times as possible.

Listen to child’s concerns:

Though parents advise children, it is more important for them to listen to their child’s concerns. It is important that the child feels comfortable expressing any concern or anxiety after returning to school. Initiate a conversation and hear from them to know their difficulties both physically and mentally.