How To Save Your Kids From Bad Touch This Holi? Teach Them Consent

It is important to safeguard children from the harmful effects of bad touch. To ensure your child’s safety, Dr Sanjay Wazir, Neonatologist and Paediatrician, Motherhood Hospitals, Gurgaon, shared that parents should educate their kids about good t…

One serious concern most parents have is the “bad touch” as it can have grave consequences on the well-being of their children. In simple terms, bad touch is a touch that can make a child uncomfortable and afraid. If the child doesn’t know how to differentiate between a good and a bad touch, it can harm them on both the physical and psychological front. Therefore, it is important that parents and guardians take up the responsibility to educate their children on the perils of bad touch early on. 

Since Holi is around the corner and the social festival is all about applying colours to each other, it is crucial that your children know what bad touch is and how to save themselves from it if they are subjected to it during the festivities. 

We spoke to Dr Sanjay Wazir, Neonatologist and Pediatrician, Motherhood Hospitals, Gurgaon, and asked the expert to share their inputs. 


Tell Them What Bad Touch Is

Begin with the basics, educate them about what is a good touch and bad touch. Parents should tell their children what a good touch means and what all it can include. For instance, hugging, holding hands, and comforting touches are all good touches. However, bad touch is inappropriate and uncomfortable, such as touching private parts of the body or unwanted physical contact. Your kids should know that they have a right to say no to any touch (including good ones) if they feel uncomfortable. Also, they should understand that they aren’t at fault if someone else touches them inappropriately. 

Set Clear Boundaries For Your Children

The expert suggested that parents should set clear boundaries for their children and let them know what types of touching are not acceptable. The expert said, “Children should be taught that it is essential to tell a trusted adult immediately if someone crosses these boundaries. Parents should also establish an open dialogue with their children so that they feel comfortable sharing any concerns or worries they may have. Parents should make it clear to their children that they are safe, loved, and valued, and they should not be afraid to speak out if something feels wrong.”

Ensure Your Child Is In A Safe Environment

Parents should also keep a check on their child’s interactions. They should monitor them when around and if they have any suspicions, they should speak to their child and take the required action if necessary. To ensure their safety, it is a good idea to teach them basic self-defense techniques so that they can protect themselves if needed. Teaching your children their rights, empowering them to stand up for themselves also helps in boosting their self-esteem and confidence. (How to provide sex education to your child)

Victims Of Bad Touch

A bad touch can have a negative impact on the child’s mental well-being. If your child has been a victim of bad touch, you should seek professional help immediately. Parents should talk to a therapist or school counselor to ensure that their child receives the support they need. The effects of bad touch can be long-lasting, and professional help can aid in the healing process.

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