PCOS problem: – If you are also troubled by PCOS, then do not do this work at all

PCOS is one such problem that has troubled many women around the world. In the recent past, PCOS is becoming the most common disease faced by women and in such a situation, you should also keep in mind that during this time there are many such precautions which can improve your health. Many times we unknowingly make our disease worse because we do not know about the precautions related to it.

We spoke to DrTanveerAujla, Senior Consultant Gynecologist and Obstetrician, at Motherhood Hospital, Noida. She tells us what not to ignore if we are suffering from PCOS.

DrTanveer told us about 7 such things that we should not ignore.


Keep one thing in mind smoking is not only bad for PCOS but also brings you closer to diseases like heart problems, atherosclerosis (cholesterol, plaque and fat accumulation inside the veins), and diabetes. People with PCOS can also develop metabolic syndrome, which can make their health worse, and smoking can also lead to problems related to periods indirectly.

It is very important that you stay away from this habit and if you are not able to leave it then take the help of a professional.

Eating foods with high sugar content-

It is very important to understand that PCOS is associated with insulin resistance and your body will deal with sugar differently if you have PCOS. If it is not taken care of, then insulin resistance can also lead to diabetes and it will create other problems in your body.

You don’t need to avoid all kinds of sugar or go towards artificial sugar, but here it is necessary to reduce the intake of refined sugar and eat more natural and whole foods. Try to stay away from processed foods as much as possible.

Continuous sitting

Surely there are many changes in the body due to PCOS and if you are one of those people who sit all the time or you do not do any kind of exercise then it is wrong. When you have PCOS, it is important that you stay away from heart disease and obesity and a little workout can help with this. It is not necessary that you go to the gym or follow any fancy workout routine or exercise for many hours, but do exercise for at least 30 minutes a day. Even if you walk, definitely do this.

Lifting weights is also a good option to build muscle and it will also increase your metabolism and improve insulin resistance.

Not keeping track of your period

If your periods are not regular, then there may be a risk of endometrial cancer and sometimes it is common to delay or skip periods for a few days, but if periods are troubling you more or they skip too much. So the risk may increase for you. If you are busy then it is common that you do not keep track of periods, but you must keep track of them and if periods are happening too much then get a health checkup done.

If you always have periods after 40-50 days then you need to get your tests done.

Not getting enough sleep

You would not even know how much repair your body can do when you sleep. Sleep disturbance is more common with PCOS and there may be problems like insomnia or sleep apnea. If you do not get proper sleep, then the hormone which controls your appetite will decrease in your body. This will make you feel hungry all the time and you will consume more calories. This can be more due to processed foods.

Getting enough sleep will help you lose weight and make you feel better.

Not keeping track of your medicines

Keep one thing in mind you have to take your medicines on time. Medicines like birth control pills are prescribed for PCOS and they work best when taken at the right time. Forgetting or taking it at the wrong time can be dangerous for your health. For example, if you do not eat the medicine taken before eating, then it is possible that your blood sugar level may decrease and this situation can be dangerous. This can cause both dizziness and fainting.

Ignoring the symptoms of depression

Depression is something that you simply cannot ignore. You can’t get away from it and it’s a serious problem that needs to be addressed. This is a mental problem that needs to be addressed with the help of a professional. It has been seen that people who have PCOS have more problems with depression.

If you think you are suffering from depression and are having problems such as sadness, eating problems, weight gain or loss, or you are overeating, don’t panic, seek professional help.

PCOS is a condition where everyday life also gets affected and in such a situation you need to follow the right lifestyle. If you don’t know who to talk to about it, join a support group. PCOS is a serious condition and should not be ignored at all.


Your skin and body are as different as you are. We endeavour to bring you correct, safe and expert-verified information through our articles and social media handles, but still, you must consult your doctor before trying any home remedy, hack or fitness tip.