Retail and eCommerce news from the week beginning 27 February 2023

Retail and eCommerce highlights this week include Stadium Live and Roots partnership formed to include a virtual store and limited-edition apparel collection. Infosys collaborates with Motherhood Hospitals to support healthcare learning in India.

Adobe announced that Petco has selected Adobe Experience Cloud to personalise experiences for millions of customers. Go Global Ecommerce is Europe’s number 1 cross-border ecommerce solution, offering fast-growing businesses help to simplify international selling. Netcore Cloud has published its third edition of Email Benchmark Report 2023. It analysed more than 100 billion emails. California games publisher, Renegade Game Studios is set to scale without barriers after selecting Brightpearl to transform its business operations.

Roots partners with Stadium Live to launch digital experience for Gen Z sports fans

Stadium Live, a leading platform for Gen Z sports, culture and entertainment fans, and Roots Corporation, a global lifestyle brand, have announced a multi-faceted partnership. The partnership aims to deliver a collection of unique digital branded experiences for users.

Starting in March, Stadium Live users will have access to exclusive Roots branded activations throughout the platform. The partnership will debut a digital apparel and accessories collection launching in the Stadium Live Roots store, as well as physical apparel – inspired by the digital-first collection.

The first-of-its-kind partnership between the two brands aims to provide Gen Z users with a unique and differentiated way to interact and engage with the Roots brand. Stadium Live’s platform ensures a seamless experience from physical to digital, allowing Roots to extend its brand exposure beyond the physical and explore new ways of engaging with digital customers in a virtual setting.

Stadium Live’s innovative digital platform has attracted over 750,000 registered Gen Z users across North America. Users participate in sports-focused gameplay and live streams, collect unique items and prizes, chat and make friends with other fans, and customize their in-game avatar.

Infosys collaborates with Motherhood Hospitals to support healthcare learning

This first-of-its-kind collaboration will democratise education in healthcare for school students, graduates, and lifelong learners.

Infosys, a global leader in next-generation digital services and consulting, today announced that it has signed an MoU with Motherhood Hospitals, a speciality hospital chain providing women and child care, to digitally upskill learners in the healthcare sector through Infosys Springboard. This first-of-its-kind collaboration will democratise healthcare education for school students, graduates, and lifelong learners, giving them access to masterclasses in health-related topics.

Furthermore, Infosys Springboard will empower learners to develop a deep understanding of the healthcare industry through free interactive sessions with healthcare experts. Additionally, masterclasses on health-related themes will be held for learners registered on Infosys Springboard.

The initiative will aim to educate them while opening new avenues for people looking to pursue careers in the sector. This collaboration will also enable nurses, customer care executives and the administrative staff at companies under Motherhood Hospitals to benefit from a comprehensive learning and development program.

Congruent with its ESG Vision 2030, Infosys aims to enable digital skills at scale and empower over 10 million people in India by 2025 through the Infosys Springboard program. Infosys Springboard continues to expand its reach to learners by growing its thriving community to more than 5 million registered users in India, since its launch.

Petco selects Adobe Experience Cloud for one-stop destination for pet parents

Adobe announced that Petco has selected Adobe Experience Cloud to personalise experiences for millions of customers. It is expected to drive growth for a comprehensive suite of pet care products and services.

Enterprise applications running on Adobe Experience Platform (AEP), including Adobe Real-Time Customer Data Platform and Adobe Journey Optimizer, will enable Petco to activate data internally and orchestrate personalised experiences across a mix of online and offline channels. Adobe Experience Cloud also complements Petco’s existing investment in Adobe Creative Cloud for enterprise. This ensures content created for channels, including web, mobile and email, are delivered to relevant audiences.

With 1,500+ pet care centre locations and robust digital services, customers have a one-stop shop for everything from pet nutrition and supplies to on-site veterinary, grooming and training services. As Petco expands its role in the pet parenthood journey, it is focused on building long-term relationships with customers, and continuously meeting their needs as they evolve.

The solution brings data across the organisation together with strict governance and security controls. Adobe Real-Time Customer Data Platform enables highly customised, one-to-one interactions, and builds real-time profiles that can be activated across any online or offline channel.

By connecting the dots, teams will gain better insights into the solutions customers need now, as well as how those needs change over time. In key moments – from the first year of pet parenthood to annual checkups – Petco will be able to engage customers with the most relevant and useful offerings for specific needs and life stages.

Go Global Ecommerce named BigCommerce technology partner

Go Global Ecommerce is Europe’s number one cross-border ecommerce solution. It offers help for fast-growing businesses to simplify international selling. Go Global Ecommerce today announced it has been named a BigCommerce Technology Partner, providing tens of thousands of BigCommerce merchants access to Go Global Ecommerce’s merchant of record technology and services that allow brands to expand sales internationally.

Beginning today, BigCommerce customers can integrate Go Global Ecommerce and begin selling worldwide in as little as two weeks through the BigCommerce App Marketplace.

Go Global Ecommerce works closely with brands looking to expand their businesses to new international markets with technology to help them sell confidently, reduce operating costs, and maximize revenues to accelerate growth. Go Global Ecommerce’s team of experts has helped multinational retailers like Nestle, Borsalino, and Smeg develop, implement, and maintain effective digital and cross-border strategies in an ever-evolving digital and technological ecosystem.

By partnering with BigCommerce, Go Global Ecommerce will be able to offer even more personalised support to merchants that are looking to expand on a global scale. Through this partnership, BigCommerce and Go Global Ecommerce are setting a new standard for supporting businesses in their efforts for cross-border growth. BigCommerce Technology Partners are selected for offering best-in-class technologies, value, and superior customer service. For more information, visit Go Global Ecommerce’s website.

Netcore Cloud’s reveals study of 100 billion emails

Netcore Cloud, a profitable SaaS company and global provider of customer communication, engagement, and retention, has published the third edition of its Email Benchmark Report 2023. The report analyses over 100 billion emails and showcases an in-depth, multi-metric analysis of emails across 20 major industries, including BFSI, Retail and eCommerce, Beauty, Food, Entertainment, and Media.

The report highlights how email has prevailed to be one of the most effective ways to connect with consumers across brands. It also reveals proven strategies to overcome email marketing challenges in different verticals and the key areas to focus on for improvement.

Speaking about this launch Kalpit Jain, Group CEO, of Netcore Cloud, said, “Despite the rise of other messaging platforms, email is still the real deal for reaching and meaningfully connecting with your audience. 2022 witnessed a global rise in adopting AMP emails that work as powerfully as a website or an app.

“The wave will continue and interactive AMP emails, hyper-personalized by the power of zero-party data, will take center stage. To help marketers prepare for the uncertain times ahead, we have created the Email Benchmark Report 2023. Brands have a clear direction to benchmark their email marketing performance against global peers.”

Renegade Game Studio selects Brightpearl to transform operations

California games publisher, Renegade Game Studios is set to scale without barriers after selecting Brightpearl to transform its business operations. With Brightpearl supporting its operational infrastructure, the San Diego-born tabletop publisher will gain access to Inventory Planner Premium. A purpose-built suite of Plug & Play integrations and a game-changing Automation Engine.

The publisher sells direct to consumers in the States and internationally via three BigCommerce sites (US, UK and EU), and also operates wholesale with US retail giants Barnes & Noble, and Target. After experiencing increasing sales through its websites, the team at Renegade reached a familiar benchmark. To streamline, automate processes and upgrade its operational systems to scale as a business, particularly around its Direct-to-Consumer channel.

As a business built on multiple locations, Renegade now has the capability for order routing and split fulfilment to better serve its international customers, has access to 360-degree visibility across all departments and channels and gains streamlined inventory management functionality.

The business will also benefit from Brightpearl’s suite of made-for-retail features, including its Automation Engine. The solution greatly reduces the hours spent on time-intensive manual processes in the warehouse. It also improves inventory, ordering, shipping and fulfilment and accuracy across the board.

Brightpearl’s roster of Plug & Play integrations, including its out-of-the-box connection with Renegade’s eCommerce platform, BigCommerce. This means the brand can integrate its current apps and sales. In future, Renegade can swiftly and flexibly expand and switch out apps as it curates its custom tech stack in future.