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Menstruation Matters


Menstruation is a unique phenomenon in a woman's life. It is the mark where a girl enters the womanhood and is blessed with the gift of giving life. However, this gift is always encircled by taboos that isolate women from the social and cultural life.

Till date, menstruation is described with code words such as red alert, shark week, on the rag, and so on which proves that talking about it is a taboo in the society. Therefore, such taboos make the period cycle a topic of stigma and shame to be discussed out in the open which leads to a ton of misinformation related to it. To cater to the needs of this series of misinformation, given below are answers to a few unanswered questions related to menstruation, give it a read.

Can the change of diet ease my period pain?

Well, yes. Your diet can be your friend or foe when you're on your period. Consumption of certain foods during your periods can worsen the symptoms than usual. Try to avoid salty and spicy food or any food that can cause bloating, pain and discomfort. Hence, stick to clean and healthy food for a happy period.

Is there a way to tackle irregular periods?

A typical cycle length is of 28 days, and any changes in it mean that your cycle is unpredictable or irregular. There are many reasons for it. To have a more unobstructed view of this, we suggest you consult with your healthcare specialist.

Other than that you can maintain healthy body weight, exercise regularly, eat a balanced diet and regulate your thyroid levels to avoid such instances.

How often should I change my pad?

Be it your heavier days or lighter flow days you should change your pad every 3 or 4 hours. It is to avoid any odor from the bacteria growing in the blood.

What is the idea behind using a menstruation cup?

A menstruation cup is a flexible cup made of silicone or rubber (used inside the vagina) used to collect menstrual blood. It collects the menstrual flow rather than just absorbing it as tampons or pads do. It is gaining popularity because it is easy to use, reduces the foul odor and maintains the vaginal pH.

How do I deal with my first period?

Menarche or your very first period may not be the happiest time of your life cause of the cramps and bloating, but don't forget that it is a stepping stone to your fertility which officially makes you a woman!

Here are a few things that you can do to make yourself more comfortable:

1. Cut back on coffee
2. Cut down on deep-fried foods
3. Consume more antioxidant-rich foods
4. Consume food rich in Iron

Even though we have come so far in the today, few things still need progress and advancement. That is why menstruation needs attention and an open conversation in the society.

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