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Quality Of Pregnancy


Before the advent of modern age medicine, not a lot of mothers and their babies would survive pregnancy and childbirth. Pregnancy and fetal development takes a toll on both the mother and the baby and thus requires a lot of efforts from the side of the mother. Being a mother instills a lot of strength and patience in a woman.
In cases where the mother or the baby or both do not survive the pregnancy and the childbirth process, the quality of pregnancy is blamed most of the times. The quality of pregnancy depends upon a lot of things but most importantly it depends on good pre-natal care. It can significantly improve the quality of pregnancy and ensure that the upshot for the mother and the baby is good.

To begin with quality pre-natal care involves a lot of things like nutrition, routine ultrasounds, frequent examinations of the mother and the baby for any sort of diseases or infections etc. and if found any, then treatment for those diseases. Good health habits are instrumental in ensuring that the quality of pregnancy remains good. Ultrasounds are highly essential in order to monitor the baby and to detect any problems with the baby, if any. Regular pre-natal examinations include routine screening for problems/diseases/infections in the mother's body to check for Blood pressure issues, Diabetes, any kind of genetic disorders, blood type issues like ABO and Rh, STDs, protein in the urine etc.

The quality of pregnancy diminishes due to either lack of resources to keep the mother healthy or due to carelessness. Miscarriages that happen because of a poor pre-natal attention can easily be avoided by ensuring that the expecting mother is given enough attention and care for to keep her and her child healthy. Pre-natal care also helps in analyzing cases of high-risk pregnancy and monitoring the baby and the mother throughout the pregnancy.

The diet of the mother is of utmost importance during and after the pregnancy. The expecting mothers must follow a balanced diet, keeping in mind the weight management requirements. Folic acid should be a part of the motherŸ??s well-balanced diet without fail. A minimum of 0.4 milligrams of folic acid is necessary in the diet. Folic acid is essential because it helps in decreasing the risk of certain defects in birth.

In addition to the above mentioned points, pregnant women must also avoid all types of strong medication during pregnancy as they might hinder the process of fetal development by creating certain complications. Alcohol and tobacco must be strictly avoided during pregnancy and caffeine intake must be limited. Follow these steps and you can be assured of a good quality pregnancy.

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