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 Strategies to Promote Healthy Eating Habits in Children 

Healthy Eating Habits in Childrenn
 Strategies to Promote Healthy Eating Habits in Children 

Author -  Dr Sanjay Wazir

MBBS, MD- Paediatrics, DM-Neonatology,

Medical Director (NCR)- Neonatology


Strategies to Promote Healthy Eating Habits in Children


Since ancient times, we have grown up listening to the adage “You are what you eat”. It has been proven that our food choices play a crucial part in shaping the quality of our lives. According to Dr Sanjay Wazir, MBBS, MD- Paediatrics, DM-Neonatology, Medical Director (NCR)- Neonatology, the food choices of children impact their overall development and health. Hence, as a parent or a caregiver, you need to make healthy choices for them as well as teach them to eat the right thing.

You cannot, however, expect your child to heartfully eat a bowl of salad. Therefore, the best paediatrician in Gurgaon suggests making a balance between the right thing and lip-smacking junk. The best way to do so is by teaching them to make the correct decisions. If you have a toddler and are wondering how to do it, here is what you need to do,

If you visit any best paediatricians in Gurgaon for consultation, they will force you to create a healthy relationship with good rather than restrictions. As a parent, you first must create a correct mindset around food.

1. Schedule Family Meal Times

Kids work well on routines. Hence, try eating together as a family and stick to a similar routine throughout. In this way, your kids will likely shy away from overeating or unnecessary grazing. Moreover, you can also utilize this time to teach them healthy eating habits and table manners.

According to the best paediatrician in Gurgaon, eating together as a family is good for the development of your kids. What matters is how well you are teaching them about healthy food during this time.

2. Do Not Skip Breakfast 

So far, we all know that skipping any meal throughout the day is harmful to our health. Breakfast, on the other hand, is the most important meal of the day. It gives your child the fuel they need to sustain throughout the day. The best paediatrician in Gurgaon recommends to inculcate breakfast habits in your children. This not only gives them the energy but also takes them away from the junk.

3. Observe Picky Eating

Kids are generally picky with their food preferences. They may sometimes even be adamant about their demands. With daily practice and patience, you can address this problem early. Instead of giving away to their picky demands, offer them variety. Most of the time, kids are bored by the mundane food menu. You can cook a variety of foods and allow them to explore. This will also help them figure out their palate.

4. Involve Them in the Meal Planning

Kids love being involved especially when it is related to food. The best paediatrician in Gurgaon suggests parents take kids to the grocery store and let them choose the fruit or vegetable they want to eat. Moreover, you can also involve them in the kitchen by giving them simpler tasks including washing fruits or mixing ingredients. This will help them in connecting with the process and eventually with the food.

5. Let Them Hydrate 

At times, kids forget to even drink water. This may also be a reason why your kid craves for certain foods. Make it a habit to remind your kids to drink some water instead of grabbing a snack.

Kids are picky with their food and usually stay away from healthy food choices. Making them aware and teaching them can go a long way in creating a healthy food relationship. If your kids are finding it hard to stick to healthy food habits, you can visit Dr. Sanjay Wazir at the Motherhood Hospitals.

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