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Teaching Your Child Good Manners

Teaching Your Child Good Manners
They say parents are the first teachers in the life of a child. That is why it is important to start inculcating good behaviour in your child as early as possible. Good behaviour can be taught at any time and any place, at family meals, outings, etc. In this blog we provide parents basic tips they need to teach good behaviour to their child. This will improve the child's personality and promote positive social behaviour. Be a role model to your child Remember the old saying, Practice what you preach ? That's exactly what you need to do. If you want your child to say please and 'thank you , you need to be good examples. You need to give respect to earn respect from others, including your child. Family meals are the best time to showcase the right behaviour to the child. Use polite language while talking to your spouse and other members of the family especially in the presence of the child. Table manners can be easy to teach when the family eats together. Let others try teaching your child Do you think your child is not listening to you? Maybe you should let someone your child looks up to, to help you out. Maybe a neighbour, friend, or relative that your child really looks up to or is very fond of should motivate your child to display good manners. blog food Also get the same people to behave in good way in front of the child. Other too must be a good influence on your child. After all children are extremely impressionable and can easily learn impolite behaviour. Acknowledge and appreciate good behaviour It is important that you appreciate your child each time he demonstrates good behaviour.Encourage him to be quiet and well behaved when you go to public places like restaurants and the movies. When he does remain quiet and well behaved, tell him how impressed you are with his behaviour. Places like the mall or a kiddie restaurant can be a good place to practice good manners. Rewarding good behaviour is also a good idea but don't let the child behave well only for the rewards. Eventually, when you take your child out to fancy restaurants and other social gatherings, he will know exactly how to behave. Be polite, positiveandpatient The key ingredients to raising a well-behaved child include the three P's:
  • Politeness: Remember to be polite to your child while correcting wrong behaviour. Keep your voice low but firm and look straight into his eyes while talking. The child must understand that you are correcting him because you care and not because you want to control.
  • Positivity: Parents must always have a positive attitude while teaching the child good manners. Don't use negative words that can make the child feel threatened, fearful or not loved .Choose your words wisely while correcting the child.
  • Patience: Patience is important as well. Teaching good manners is not an overnight affair. At first you might feel you are fighting a losing battle, but success doesn't come easy. Give your child to understand and learn the benefits of good behaviour. Also remember that every child is different and you might have to use a different, customised approach if required. Combine these tips with your parenting instincts, and you re good to go!

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